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  1. Coupled with the Axel Foley "banana in the tailpipe" trick, it'd be great! Does anyone make a "manual choke" for our exhausts? That'd do the truck, too. Or a tailpipe diverter that's to a restrictive muffler, for example.
  2. I guess it did, all the screws are in. All I really remember is that it didn't get removed from the truck and replaced the heater core over the dash, from the passenger seat. Of course the core was replaced after busting out the test of the broken dash and before the new went in!
  3. I put the Geno's version in my truck. I did not remove complete dash nor the seats. Just laid the column down, then the dash rolled forward.
  4. Any of you ladies and gentlemen on Parler? No surprise, I'm @LorenS. Fairly new there, no real idea how to do anything on that platform!
  5. I think you should shop around for parts, some of those prices are more than double what you'd pay if you can wait a few days. Like thermostat and blower resistor. Rock Auto for a Stant Super-stat is $9, Standard Motor Products blower resistor is $22. Plus shipping of course, which is very reasonable with them. Of course sometimes you need it that day, which I understand, too.
  6. I have neither 3 CYL high idle nor an exhaust brake, and if I let my truck rattle itself to life for 10 minutes outside a hotel I'd likely be missing some teeth. And if I did that at home in Kansas City my truck might drive off with someone else in it (I don't have remote start), and my neighbors would stop being nice to me. Very few people want to listen to one of these rattle traps first thing in the morning. Before 7AM the longest I try to idle my truck is about 30 seconds, then proceed at very slow rate if not plugged in and it's cold out. 14.4 cents is worth it to me. Knowing fo
  7. That's what I needed to know, thanks! One would think this would be spelled out somewhere. I thought the Warm Up mode was the switchover point to allow a tune to start. By that, I mean that essentially the truck would be on Level 0 until that temp was reached, then whatever tune would kick in. That way a guy wouldn't be trying to get 500 HP with a cold engine, etc. Now I know, thanks!
  8. I figured it would stay on high idle indefinitely.
  9. Well maybe that's my problem, that I don't have warmup mode turned on! Like you said, the "user's manual" is lacking. Since I'm the perfect test dummy for this (I have had SO many basic questions about it) I really need to write up an article on the small, but very important aspects of operation!
  10. A maintainer would be fine, but I'm not sure about hooking up a big charger and setting it to a 200 Amp "jump start" mode. Just mentioning there shouldn't have been some massive electrical surge or voltage spike to knock it out. I don't have the warmup mode turned on because I assume - perhaps incorrectly - that it's there to make sure a guy doesn't make too much power on a cold engine. My truck has stock injectors, stock turbo, and a 41 year old driving it. So, I'm not too worried
  11. Truck was in my driveway on level 2 while I was scraping ice. I have warmup mode turned off. I'll try to remember to idle for over 60 seconds tomorrow morning and start data logging.
  12. Before I call Quadzilla for support, I thought I'd ask for suggestions here. I recently noticed that my Quadzilla high idle won't start anymore. I have checked several times that it is on and the elapsed time is set right now to 60 seconds. I have tried other tunes and it doesn't work with any of them. I have deleted and reloaded tunes, that didn't help. I checked that my Vehicle Selection is correct, V2 Dodge 98-2002 version 2.7, NOT the 4k. This summer a rodent chewed a little hole in my iQuad box. I have since used a VERY small piece of that rubberized/foil backed tape to sea
  13. I don't believe changing it should be necessary. If you set that Low Load Timing just a couple of percent above your normal, flat ground cruising Engine Load at say 65-70 MPH, then you know the engine isn't straining and can handle a little 'stress' of advanced timing. If you're going 80, or 65 up a grade, or towing a trailer, then the engine load will be higher and the Quad will not allow the higher timing, thus saving your engine/head/etc. With your bigger injectors, you likely won't have a cruising engine load as high as mine. It is recommended to have different tunes for dif
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