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  1. Update: the 3rd gen pitman arm designed to clear this won't fit our 2nd gen boxes. I am getting contact intermittently on my stock ride height 2nd gen from the pitman arm stud to the link between the two knuckles. First off, if you haven't looked at it, The_Hammer has written an outstanding article that can be found at the link below. I am not going to try to duplicate the article, as it is outstanding and should be referenced prior to doing the installation. However, if you have a 00-02 truck then your job is a bit easier as Mopar makes a drop in complete assembly for the later model trucks. I consider this upgrade to be one of the absolute best modifications I have made to my truck. It steers amazingly well now and I wish I had done it earlier. If you need to align the truck after installing any front end parts, check out my alignment article here as well, and with care you can do an alignment that is as good as a commercial alignment on any patch of level pavement. The part numbers have changed over the years, and some are no longer available. However, there is one key item that allows us to make this modification. 94-99 old style taper knuckles and pitman arm 00-02 trucks have new style taper in knuckles and pitman arm 03-08 trucks have the new style same as the 00-02 08.5-12 trucks also have the same taper as the 00-02 and 03-08 trucks The part number for the linkage without the pitman arm or steering damper is 52122362AH. Notes to keep you from searching for days trying to find the answers: I did not need a new pitman arm. You WILL need 3rd gen or bigger wheels. The tie rod joints are much heavier than the stock light duty type and will contact the stock 2nd gen wheels. You may need to do a tiny bit of grinding on the tie rod joints right where they approach the brake rotor dust shield, I didn't and had about 1/8 inch clearance, but every casting is slightly different. Some trucks have had some issues with their pitman arm bolt hitting the new tie rod, but I have not had this issue and seem to have more than adequate clearance. If you do have clearance issues, the new style pitman arm, part number 68039930AA may fit and will give you additional clearance. Others cut the bolt of the pitman arm shorter to add additional clearance. Your mileage may vary. You will need a nut for the steering dampener, I will get the size and fitment of that bolt when I get one and add it here. I found it easiest to install the steering link, the passenger's side tie rod joint, then the drivers side joint, in that order. Some guys report that the kit does not have sufficient adjustment to fully align the trucks. I did not find this to be the case, however if your truck is levelled without an adjustable track bar or your truck is bent, you will likely run out of adjustment in the steering linkage to recenter your steering wheel. You could disassemble it and cut some of the threaded portion out of the link, or you could get an adjustable track bar. Just an FYI. Some guys have also bought reamers for their pre 00 trucks and have reamed the knuckles and pitman arms out to the new style taper. I will make one addition to The_Hammer's article, or call it a trick to get the tie rods out of the knuckles. Hit it like a man with a big hammer right as shown in the picture. Given a half dozen good solid whacks, mine literally fell out on their own.
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