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  1. Those look pretty good on there. How much do they rub?
  2. I use Harbor Freight moving blankets. You can usually get them on sale for a few bucks.
  3. be on the lookout in the Michigan Craigslist for a Ram TRX with slight body damage...
  4. If I would of said it with a smile, she would of known I was lying... Better to play it cool.
  5. Happy New Year! Speaking of tires spinning, after my son and I fixed the heater core in my truck today we went for a ride down the road. Once we got out of the housing complex I stopped and put the Quad on "kill" and pushed the skinny pedal to the floor. After laying a nice patch and some smoke I let off and we continued on our test drive. When we got back home my wife was outside taking down some of the Christmas decorations. She asked me "did you hear someone spinning their tires a little while ago?" Nope, we didn't hear anything.
  6. Heater core is done. About 2 hours for me and my son to get it installed. It'll be nice to have defrosters again. A couple of days ago on my way to work I turned on the defrosters and the windshield got worse than what it was without the defrosters, then yesterday on my way home from work I noticed the antifreeze dripping from my floor vent. I knew then there was no mistake, I had a bad heatercore. When I pulled the old one out it looked like it might of had a pin hole at the top (lots of white build-up) and some green build up around the bottom but it didn't look too bad compared to som
  7. I do have a garage to work in but my truck is longer than the garage so I cant close the door. This limits the length of jobs that I can do in there (I know this is probably going to send @Mopar1973Man over the edge) so that's why I am going to do the shortcut method of replacing just the heater core...
  8. maybe I should skip the heater core and just go to Vegas
  9. Betcha cant guess what I get to do this weekend...
  10. I have the Titanium 165. The filters currently on it are the PF-3001 and the XWS-3002
  11. I bypassed my factory filter so I dont need to worry about that one anymore but for my FASS system I just buy their replacement filters. https://fassride.com/shop/product-category/replacement-parts/replacement-filters/titanium-signature-replacement-filters/
  12. wow, I'm surprised the the speeds of the hydbrid drive and the older 5400rpm drive are about the same... I'm guessing the benchmark dont use the SSD portion for that test.
  13. I would put your Windows OS and programs on the SSD and all other documents, photos, and other storage on the mechanical drive. You'll get the most bang for your buck with this configuration. With a 2 TB SSD and 2TB HDD you should have plenty of storage to configure it this way.
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