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  1. hmm imma have to go try this...but use somethin like marine epoxy instead...SOB will never ever come off haha
  2. brilliant idear man...but i think i'll try and find some black weedeater string cuz i want it to "blend in" if ya know what i mean ---------- Post added at 09:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:25 PM ---------- oh and regardless of if you care or not, i'm gonna post this on a couple other forums
  3. cmns2500

    No clear winner, powerwise..

    yup i agree....blame Cummins haha
  4. cmns2500

    Will summer ever come???

    http://www.weather.com/weather/today/77575:4 look at dat Mike
  5. ha the bottom piece comes out? i'll be damned...i may try that...most cups i use are either route 44's from Sonic or the whatasized cup from whataburgerand thanks for the comments ISX...it is a pretty sweet truck
  6. Mike, the smoothie cup holder allows the console to still shut...here's a pic of the one in my 02 http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv287/cmns2500/utf-8BSU1HMDAxOTgtMjAwOTA3MjEtMT-1.jpg and ISX, i had thought about maybe getting some small strips of plastic and welding(read, burning) them into place or somethin? and i actually washed the thing, here's a few picola's....
  7. cmns2500

    Saving for new injectors

    imma send ya a pm cuz i'm not sure how Mike would like me postin an add in a thread....
  8. the play is not in my head, not at all, and when i switch from drivin my truck to say my mom's 09 Mustang, i tend to waaaay overcompensate in turns...i damn near wound up on the side of the road at least a few times.... for the cupholder, i'm gonna get my hands on one of these ASAP for my truck...had one on the 02 five speed and it was just amazing http://www.genosgarage.com/prodinfo.asp?number=CUP-SMOOTHIE-9497
  9. cmns2500

    Will summer ever come???

    shut the hell up and enjoy it while it lasts Mike...i'm dealin w/ 95 degree highs and 90~ percent humidity down here
  10. cmns2500

    Mopar Mom's new sign for the yard...

    lmao Mike that's funny as hell...BTW, your place looks freaking beautiful...this freakin flat land we got down here in East Tx just sucks compared to that
  11. cmns2500

    You guys in the USA have it made!

    i guess ya don't live no where near the border huh? sucks you couldn't have em ship it to a UPS warehouse right over the line and just drive down and get em....i'd just go the dealer route...but, FWIW, there's a good chance that Kool View actually make the Mopar mirrors, just that they have the Mopar box...and the Mopar price increase...
  12. cmns2500


    yup ya had a tear or two huh? on my old 02 on 35's and the quad on level 3, i was able to get about 23 when i got into it...i'd figure w/ a lil more fuel from the RV's you could prolly push the wastegate up to about 25ish....get that elbow on and crank the tuner up to 9 but don't play around too much...you'll get better fuel mileage doin that than you will on level 1...so i've heard...
  13. so as some of you may or may not know, i traded the ol' black beast 02 to a guy in Florida for a 97 reg cab 2wd ST...Cummins of cousre :thumb1:and the day after i got er home it shat the trans...and finally after 5 weeks of waiting it's back together and runnin one million times faster than the 02 ever dreamed ofso here are some questions and observations i've had over the 70 someodd miles i've actually got to drive the thingis it normal for the 47RE to downshift back to first when you're on the brakes and goin about 5 or so MPH?is there a worse cup holder than the one that came on the 94-98 Dodges? i had a can of red bull in mine just now and i made a turn that had a slight bump in it and the damn can fell out of the holder, hit the gear shifter and spilled all over my right leg and my seats:banghead:say i was able to find a fairly decent condition SLT cab for cheap from a gasser 97, would i be able to put in the door panels and the steering column and be able to rig up power locks/windows and cruise and tilt?also, on the steering column, i have a good 20 degrees of play at center in my steering wheel, i called Mike and asked him about it and just as he was gonna tell me how he figured i could fix it, i entered a dead zone and dropped the call...so Mike, you can go ahead and type out your response here if you'd like bud :lol:oh last but not least, i'm gonna wash the dirty thing and throw up some pics of it here if y'all'd like to see it...if not i don't care haha
  14. i already did...when i became a premium member right? :cool:man i can't wait to get rid of this thing for that 12 valve.....