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  1. JMHO, we don't need badges if that saves some too! They kinda silly........ I will retract that comment if you feel like beating me up! Some topics our members might feel are worth posting about: The Drought, its Ramifications and preparations Current Policies in America Getting ready for any turn of Events on the Horizon. Strategies for saving/ increasing net worth Thanks so much to those that are helpful to others, if you feel like sharing useful knowledge or information please feel free.
  2. @LorenS, Thanks for the response. Things must be getting pretty bad with them Critters running our country, as I cannot hardly get a rise out of anyone anymore for some reason
  3. Place moth balls under the dog house, the smell is enough to keep rodents away. No @Dripley, it not tiny little things your thinking of.
  4. 3yrs ago I paid $16,500 for a 2001 with 190,000 miles Laramie, every possible option. I called the credit union with some questions and the gal made the comment, ''Do you realize you paid 4,000 dollars over book value on this truck?" I said, 'that's okay because as we speak I'm adding another $4k worth the improvements on it'. Went on that I would pay it again. Around here that's what you pay as everyone is snapping them up if clean, original and on the low end of average miles. Now if I sold today, 55,000 miles later, I would ask at least 17,000 for it. If anyone got bent or ill mannered over the price I would say thank you very much I will wait for another buyer.
  5. @Dripley needs more ice cubes... he runs construction jobs ya know!
  6. John, Dripley is no snowflake. He like a titanium meteorite but very tender underneath
  7. Dripley fries his chicken in that stuff.
  8. Gov't cannot afford an increase in interest rates with the huge debt since they don't take in enough income to cover it so now they thinking big taxation. Then inflation running at risk due to low interest rates whittles our 401 K down. What's next? We need a smart Business Man running the show. Building departments raised building permit fees to very expensive heights together with property tax assessments higher so now you have increased rents sending folks to the homeless camps. Gov't cannot do their job correctly, do not want to work at it. They take but, never reciprocate. convolute everything bass ackwards.
  9. Yeah, in rethinking options, I still think I want to stay with the electric lift pump on the frame. JMHO, I hope both my Raptor 150's perform as well as the AirDog. So far so good..
  10. Wow, they going overboard. What are people to do when electricity prices goes crazy with not enough to go around? You know throughout history long term droughts and famine happened when folks turned from God. Has happened many times in the past and the rains and the healing came back when folks returned to our loving God and renewing their faith and treated each other as He commands. We are seeing an epic drought in the west with the worse possible fire conditions developing. I hope everyone knows and learns how to pray because America needs to water their faith again, stop all the contention and aggression toward one another.
  11. So no diesels in bigger cities? If true, what is their reasoning? Just for fun... it may help if you have a small label on the exhaust tip, 'kills Corona'!
  12. I've been doing okay with my latest version Raptor 150's. Both my 2nd gens got them about the same time. The work truck Daily driver has 50 k on the lift pump now showing no signs of weakness. I like them okay. Biggest problems were the isolator leaking and inaccuracy of a F/P gauge that wasn't an Isspro gauge. @IBMobile had a problem with his mechanical Lift Pump after a couple years but, can't remember what caused it. Hoping he adds to the conversation about that.
  13. 3 years ago I paid $16,500 for my 190,000 2001 Laramie. Do not let the insurance short you in any way ok? It has been a good worthwhile truck to me. Jee wiz all the leather and all the options came with it. Love that truck. Now has 240,k on it and shows signs of going twice that easy,
  14. Plus it is illegal to do the sump, needs to have a way to stop flowing if a fire starts in a wreck.
  15. You have been thru a lot. I am impressed how diligent you are with your truck getting it back in shape. More than Amazing!
  16. Bring up a picture of Dolly Parton...... straighten out your eyes right now Boss
  17. I'm old so forgive me if I don't 'get it' okay? the truck pictured above, is that a different one from the one stolen twice? I am so sorry about what you have been thru! People can be to brutally unfair. I am a person with such a strong sense fairness I get very angry when I hear another person taking advantage, which is, in your case, putting it mildly. Even tho I live a ways out of the main stream and because of your very interesting short story posted above, I want to thank you but, I need to figure out a sneaky fail safe way to protect both my second gens. It is unfortunate that we cannot post about any such great ideas or risk giving it away. I think MoparMan or IBMobile had some great theft stopping ideas.
  18. As W-T knows I have had two alternators go smokin hot on me. Saw the 150 amp fuse stud and nut holding the B+ cable to fuse holder glowing like a light bulb. First time was a shorted cell in the passenger side battery No 150mamp fuse and holder at that time. Second time with new batteries is when I saw the glowing fuse holder stud and hot alternator. The heat melted away the silver coating on the fuse end but, never blew the fuse. Both times my batteries were not correctly paralleled so the temp sensor could not tell the PCM to slow down charging. W-T, you write so well good to read your write ups.
  19. I thought you had a chicken guts shooter out the rear of yer truck.
  20. I worked for Montgomery Wards for a summer down in Monterey. We were delivering appliances and furniture. One ranch we delivered to their driveway was paved for the whole 29 miles long. It was a beautiful place, could not believe how long their road was so we clocked it while going out. Never forgot that.
  21. Things keep going the direction they're going and a nice second gen be worth 100K. It's a crazy world isn't it?
  22. Only thing I know is when doing a study on types of sealant, whether made into a coating or caulking, it is the polyeurathane (sp.) base types that have the best performance. Looking at topside paints for boats(very exposed to the elements) and roof coatings for high rise buildings, The polyeurathane was the most money and performed the best. I tend to want to avoid a lot of the DIY products so readily available. Commercial roofing supply houses are great places for info. I have talked with a few high rise roofing contractors about various products but have no other information other than to talk with a few suppliers.
  23. planned failure incorporated into the cost of keeping it running. Deiselfuture can keep a truck running for years on returned beer cans. Ever notice there aren't many stores selling LR parts? That's because there's so many broke down the side of the road abandoned, you just take what you need. Sorry Will440
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