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  1. sorry about that??‍♂️tires are 265/70/R17,and its 4WD. The kit was put on to bring the front end up level with the rear..when i put the kit on with new schocks that came with it,truck felt like it was jus delivered from heaven. i have a new power steering pump i bought thinking that it needs to be replaced by the gargling sound it makes when i turn  to max on either side? and it leaks out the top cap to(ive cleaned the cap and made sur it free of debree,and dsucked out old ps fluid with baster and put in new valvoline atf+4 fluid 4 diffrent times to make sure it cleaned it enough and still growls when turning.i adjusted the adjuster screw on top of ps pump 2 times now and it seems to tighen it up for a little while ?

  2. Hello again fellas! i have a issue ive been working on trying to solve for some time now, and I'm to the point where i don't know what else to do or try? I refuse to take to dealership or mechanic to get them to asses or fix it.nothing personal i just enjoy working/ fixing/tearing  my own truck. My 04 ram 3500 DRW 4x4 has had slack in the steering for a while. I say that as im driving down the road it feels as if my tires will just dart in opposite directs like every 5 seconds, I'm consistently having to over correct the wheel to keep it somewhat straight, but its impossible? Im surprised I haven't been called in as a DWI suspect! i've put new mastercraft Courser MTX tires on,somewhat new N3 tuff country shocks ,steering stabilizer brace, new Y steering linkage, rough country 2.5" leveling kit (spacers on top coils), new moog 2 piece trackbar bushings, fairly new sway bar end links(which are currently shot to s*it ).i've checked the steering column dowel pins for play. I did get it aligned not to long ago and it seemed to track great for a little while but is back to the same now and seems worse? Not sure if these would matter in causing it but i have a front hub bearing going bad I am fixing to replace in a day or 2, and recently put the wrong steering stabilizer (monroe sc2968) that I'm going to change out. I measured my front tires awhile ago (front tires @9:00(front) was 69"1/4 and @3:00 (back of front tires) were 693/4. I'm not too savvy on alignment at the moment. I've read that I need to center my front axle since i put the 2.5 leveling kit on? and i haven't replaced my ball joints yet either which there's a very slight play when prying on the wheels. i appreciate any help /info from ya'll or pointing me in the right direction! 

  3. Ok I checked the wiring and it all looks clean.i hooked up smarty jr and it pulled 2 FTC codes again (#1 J1850 engine coolant temp sensor voltage too high)(#2 short to ground).i replaced the ECT sensor yesterday so not sure why it saying that? Jus took cluster out and unplugged and inspected it all and put back together,gunna start looking under dash a little more and under the hood I guess.i really appreciate yall taking time to help me out with this! Not too many people around seems like anymore that do such

  4. Update:it seems to malfunction when I get to around 50ish 70ish mph in the higher rpms? I replaced my temp sensor and didnt help any.the aftermarket touch screen I put in about 2 months ago which came with a rear camera that i had rigged together on back of my bed that I dont use anymore. I also put a set of aftermarket 2010 tow mirrors on here with the puddle lights and LED blinkers and had a problem with the passenger side one not working right when I wired em in 3 months ago? Also i noticed my back drivers window quit working? Dont know what all is tied in to the problem so hope I dont bother with to much info 

  5. Well I messed with the wirreharness under dash this morning after I ran outta diesel on the way to work and I thought I fixed it  being that it ran perfectly fine. Ut of course on my way home they started goin on off every couple of minutes and saw that temp was up past 200 a little which is the highest ever gotten so pulled over and top radiator hose was expanded pretty good seemed to me and the overflow I filled with cold water hadnt got any green mixed in it yet so I'm on my way to pick up a. New thermaststa while I change my water pump. I was able to get it to show P codes 0118,and 0625 I think?low Voltage ,and ECT sensor. Could a bad ECT sensor cause this ?

  6. Well I rewired my data collector plug due to my smarty jr screen was always half black and was hard to read.and ended up putting 2 wires in wrong spot and arc'd when I plugged smarty in.but corrected it and everything worked fine afterwards for a month now? Also currently my water pump has gone bad due to a small leak of anti freeze,along with my fan clutch cause the fans always spinning?found a positive terminal cracked in half and replaced it yesterday. Batterys are fairly new but seem to always have a little acid on top always like they're gettin hot but havent had any problems out of em and they both read 14.2 while running and equal when not?. And last but not least ? my PS pump is on it's way to I think? Kids always got fresh fluid on top as if it burps it all the time and the housing is loose and rattley and has started growling when turning?.put a new aftermarket stero in not to long ago

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