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  1. 54 minutes ago, JAG1 said:

    Has Schaeffer Diesel Treat 2000 been tested for scoring value? I wouldn't use if not listed on the lab test showing the value. 2 stroke has been tested at 1 oz. to the gallon of diesel and brings the value low enough to meet Bosch's specs. 2 stroke even lowers the gel temperatures. I have parked overnight in 18 degree weather without issue using heavy dose of two stroke.


    Hoping Mopar1973Man jumps in with some info too.


    In 25 years of driving Cummins I've learned to carry an extra idler pully wheel and bearing. You need the right torque tip and a 3/8ths ratchet to change the pully wheel and bearing off the arm. They sell in one replaceable unit, before Covid inflation, for around 30 bucks.

    Here’s some data on tested diesel additives. Schaeffer’s  “technically”ranked slightly better than 2 cycle when used at 200:1. I guess at 128:1 2 cycle is better. Schaeffers still seems to be a decent additive. 


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  2. 17 minutes ago, 01cummins4ever said:

    Make sure you fill up with winterized diesel, maybe even have an extra bottle of anti gel if your not sure the condition of your fuel, It would be a good idea to check your grid heaters and block heater if you plan on leaving your truck sit overnight in the cold 


    and keep that VP happy with a good dose of 2 stroke 

    Ive been using Schaeffer Diesel Treat 2000 for awhile now. I acquired a gallon of the stuff and have read good things. Hopefully that sufficient for anti gel and lubrication of the VP44. I don’t expect anything colder than the teens. At that temp is the block heater necessary?

  3. Quick update. Last week I found that several of the wires that connect to the brake light switch had gotten hot at some point. This is still a very new truck to me. There is also a trailer brake controller wired in. Unfortunately it appears to have been installed by a poorly trained ape haha. I left the brake controller installed but will definitely have to take care of that mess soon. As for the wires to the brake light switch, I repaired and heat shrunk them. So far the light hasn’t come back on.  I’ll keep you posted. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:


    As for the Parking Brake light on the dash its the cable slack adjustment needs to be tighten a bit more. The pedal is not fully returning up. Be careful rusted cables will do this same thing but as you adjust you just start dragging the parking brakes because the cable is too rusted out and sticky.

    Doesn’t the parking brake cause the light on the dash to flash? 

  5. Dash brake light randomly illuminates. Sometimes it stays on from start up and will turn off within 10-15 min of driving. Other times it comes on and off while driving.

    It’s not the parking brake. That appears to be working properly. When the parking brake is engaged the dash light comes on. If I start to drive it will flash. When I release the parking brake it extinguishes.


     Brake fluid looks good. Upgraded to 3rd Gen brakes up front and did a full brake job 4 months ago. Had no issues until now. Only recent maintenance is new tires. They are 34s. 


    this issue also seems to cause cruise control to not work. 

    possible speed sensor issue? I’ll double check tire pressure tomorrow. None of them look low. 

    any advice is much appreciated 

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