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    Vendors and Dealers that wish to advertise with Mopar1973Man.Com we can set you up with 1 year of banner ads that are displayed in all pages of the site header and footer. There is no impression limit nor any click limit the $350 dollar fee is for the year. Just provide your banner ad artwork 468x60 and URL and we'll place your ad banner on the site.

    Vendors and Dealers may also place a copy of there banner within their signatures and sell their wares within the forum.

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    For those members that want to just contribute a donation to Mopar1973Man.Com. All donations go towards paying for software, server costs, and other incurred bills during operation or maintenance of the web site. We appreciate any donate that you can contribute to the site.

    Platinum Advertising will provide advertising for members. This could be a company you work for or your personal business we'll gladly advertise your business for you. Provide a 468x60 banner and URL link to your web page. This banner will be placed on the forum index header and footer.

    Dealers / Vendors of Dodge Cummins part please go to the vendor category.

    $100 dollars will provide you 1 year of Advertising.