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You can find all of your Mopar1973Man Products here.  High idle Switches, Mopar1973Man Badges, and other products.

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    Here is long awaited Mopar1973Man.com VP44 Cummins High Idle / MPG fooler switch.   This Made In The USA Cummins High Idle switch will manually engage the 24V Cummins High idle feature or MPG Mode.  It will allow for the use of 6 Cylinder High Idle and 3 Cylinder High Idle Modes.   These features can be enabled in the ECM of any VP44 Cummins Powered Dodge Ram Diesel Truck, including years 1998 .5, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.  This easy to install VP44 Cummins High Idle / MPG switch will mount almost anywhere in the cab and allow you to easily enable the Cummins High Idle Feature regardless of the outside temperature.  Since we enable the factory warmup Modes you can rest assured that no damage will be done to your engine or computer.



    The 6 Cylinder High Idle and 3 Cylinder High Idle modes will greatly reduce warmup time in your Cummins Powered 2nd Gen Dodge Ram Truck on the Coldest of Mornings.  Typical warmup time on a stock 2nd Gen Dodge Ram truck with the High idle switch is 5-10 minutes, depending on configuration, to get Engine Coolant Temps above 140*f, Faster if you have an Engine Brake.  The Mopar1973Man.com Cummins High Idle Kit also allows you to enable the Cummins 6 Cylinder High Idle mode indefinitely for prolonged idle time to prevent cylinder wash-down or to assist with the need for more electrical draw from Light bars.



    Ever notice that your Diesel Trucks MPG goes down in the Winter? The Mopar1973Man.com MPG Fooler mode fools the ECM of a vp44 powered Cummins Diesel into seeing summer like temperatures, this will allow for the timing tables to be adjusted for best MPG regardless of ambient temperatures that are reported by the IAT sensor.  This will show a significant improvement in MPG in the winter or cold weather operation of your VP44 Cummins Powered Dodge Ram Truck.  



    The New Mopar1973Man.com High Idle Switch is Produced and supported in house by Mopar1973Man.com.  The Switch is modular in design to allow for easier install.



    Premium membership to Mopar1973Man.com is also included in the sale of the switch.  You will receive 1 year of membership to assist with any support you may need.



    This Switch requires the High Idle Software enabled on the ECM.  If this has not been done it will require a Dodge Dealership or Smarty to enable the feature within the ECM.



    Fits: 98.5-02 2nd Gen Dodge Ram trucks powered by a VP44 Cummins turbo diesel engine.  The Mopar1973Man.com High Idle Switch install instructions are located in this Article, Mopar1973man.com High Idle Switch Install The User manual can be Viewed in this Article, Mopar1973man.com High Idle Switch User Manual



    If you are located outside of the USA and don't see a shipping option for you, please fill out a support ticket https://mopar1973man.com/support/


    The harness length is not long enough to reach the overhead console without an opitional extender cable.  


    Returns will not be accepted outside of us not being able to repair a faulty switch.


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    For these Made In The USA Stainless Steel Badges I got to say "Thank You" to JAG1 for having these produced for the site. They are stainless steel and stencil cut out of the web site logo. The stainless steel badges measure 6.00" x 0.93" (15/16"). You can use double sided tape and stick it to the truck door, rear glass, or maybe drill 2 small holes and mount on the grill with a few small screws.

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    Large Windshield banner or rear window banner. Measures 35.5" wide and 4.8" tall.

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    Smaller quad window size. Measures 17" wide and 2.5" tall.

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  1. These stickers are replacements for your high idle switch.  they are metalic stickers

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  2. This is a replacement harness for the Mopar1973man.com High Idle switch.  It is the Harness only and does not come with a High Idle Switch.

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  3. This is a High Idle Switch Replacement PCB board.   This does not come with a harness. If your existing switch is out of warranty and damaged you can buy this to replace it with.

    If you need the full kit please purchase the Kit found here


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