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Found 21 results

  1. Have been running 2 cyc oil for 6 months. 128:1 ratio. Was wondering if anyone has had any problems that can be related to the use of the 2 cyc oil? Was over on the Dodge Diesel Forum and found some info that was a bit confusing to me. Plan to keep using it and hope for the best.
  2. I changed my fuel filter to Baldwin and started using 2 cyc oil on my return trip to SC from Santa Fe, TX via Oskaloosa, IA on 30 Jul.I averaged 11.5 MPH towing (9000 lbs) 2315 miles under various road conditions. Mostly rolling hills and some higher elevations in KY, TN, NC & SC. I didn't baby the truck, i.e., 63 to 65 and on a few legs up to 70MPH. One thing I did differently was in hilly areas whenmy speed dropped to around 60 MPH I kicked out of OD and dropped my speed to 52 MPH to maintain 2000 RPM. I think that helped my MPGs a bit. I am very happy with my trucks performance. I use the stubby pencil method to figure my gas mileage (up to the neck) and use a factor of 1.04 to compensate for my larger tire size.I have a 1000 mile R/T to Fla coming up in late Oct and it is mostly all flat roads. Am anxious to see if I can do better than my 11.5 MPGs on that trip. I have a S&B Cool Air Intake and am now leaning toward a BHAF.What is the bottom line on a heat shield for the BHAF? Yes/No??? Mohok
  3. Have followed the forum concerning using 2 cyc oil. Have about made up my mind to start using it. I have a FASS Lift Pump with a 3/8 in inline filter and the OME filter upfront. I'm using a Quest filter upfront. I have recently used Lucas as an additive but it should be cleared out by now. I'm currently in Texas and will be retuning to SC after the 4th of July. Does anyone see any problem with starting using it now? I have 6k miles since I changed the upfront filter. Mohok
  4. This thread over on CDF Q asked what causes ring breakage? I'm not sure how true it is but one reply states that engine oil cools pistons but fuel lubes upper cylinder / rings. This is interesting in light of fuel lubricosity of ULSD vs ULSD + TCW3. I just wanted to bring this discussion to everyone's attention.
  5. I just now read about adding 2 cycle oil to my fuel but would like to know more.Seems that most guys doing this own 24 v engines.Mine's 12 v 1996 .. totally stock.Is there anything I need to know before I add 2 cycle oil? I think it was moparman who gave the 128:1 recipe, so I would go with that ratio.Another question: would I gain any MPG by turning my fuel plate back?I know most people are after more power, but my biggest concern is mpg. I'm getting 18-19 just tooling around town.Thanks
  6. Gentlemen, I have perused the different threads and may have possibly missed the subject. What is a logical progression for increasing HP and / or Fuel Mileage on a 24V In my case I am looking for both, power (I haul hay from the field on a 30' gooseneck) and Mileage, just cause it's gettin' 'spensive! I'm working with a 2001, 2500, 4WD, QCSB, Auto, BHAF, Straight exh., 135K mi., front end has been done. My initial sense and conversations have led me to believe that three things lead in any project.1. Air intake = BHAF2. Exhaust = opened up and increased in size depending on the extent of the project3. A fuel additive = 2 cycle oil etc. 4.?:broke:5.?:broke:Etc.:broke: What should be next, logical step, and what could be potential points of reducing returns/cost for aftermarket adding to the drivetrain? I think there is probably enough HP stock to get my work done, but additional HP, with fuel economy gains would be great, if the costs will pay off.I'm not a cheap A**, but..... if it doesn't pay off, I have to consider whether it is worth the output. Business/Hobby ya know. / :hyper: I want gauges, but if a Quad/Adrin. would give me gauges and added MPG, AND HP, then it may be worth the additional expense. Lets eleminate driving habits and other human induced variables. What should be my next step? Ideas.....Thanks, Gary
  7. I spoke to moparman this evening as I was being tow-strapped back home from Melbourne to Orlando by my friend's Duramax. :duh:I had zero symptoms of any problem before this afternoon. While towing my fifth wheel camper home from a race, on flat, level ground as is usual for Florida, I had an instantaneous loss of power. I shifted into neutral and coasted the rig off to the shoulder, and tried to restart. It cranked endlessly but would not fire. I decided to crack the #1 injector open to see if I was getting any fuel, and saw none. Ditto cylinders 3 and 4.Then I cycled the key and verified that I could hear the lift pump operating, and could. I loosened the pressure regulator banjo bolt to see if fuel was getting to the pump, and plenty of fuel poured out. The only code I was able to retrieve from the "key trick" was a P1963.At that point I didn't know what else to do, so I called a friend with a hitch to come get the trailer, and we pulled the truck to a nearby Walmart to park it while we took the trailer home. After getting back to the Walmart several hours later, I attempted to start the truck and much to my surprise it fired right up. No smoke, no funny noises, nothing, until I gave it a little gas, and then it felt like it was completely defueling and wouldn't rev over 1200rpm from an idle of ~800.So, we strapped up and headed out. Getting strap-towed nearly 70 miles was a first for me, but it was uneventful. Now that it's home, I hooked up the autotap and got the following:P0251 P1689P1688So, is the IP toast like I think, or is it something cheaper and easier to fix?
  8. what do uguys recommend for fuel additives?I see some of you use 2 cycle for its lubricating value but what about for the cold winter months to prevent gelling......all of them pretty much the same?I think they use a product called 911 at my work.Oh....and what do u think of stanadyne additives?
  9. Hello everybody this is Randy from Indiana, sorry it took so long to get these results but our labs busy season had started and i had to slip it in when I could. So i tested a Kendall GT-1 two cylce oil bought from Hires auto parts and compared it to our TDR-S product. The results are as follows: I treated the fuel with one once of two-cycle oil per ten gallons of diesel fuel or 700ppm's per gallon. The base fuel had a HFRR of 520um which is ASTM spec The fuel with the two-cycle oil had HFRR of 470um. The fuel treated with the TDR-S had a HFRR of 425umSo the answer to some of your questions is yes the two-cycle oil does lubricate your engines, but if you were to put any cetane in to the fuel it would negatively affect the lubricity. I am also concerned with newer diesel engines coming on to the market that the tolerances for the new injectors are going to have smaller openings so any added carbon build-up will cause issues. In fact our company was invited to attend a meeting in California from ASTM to discuss injector carbon build-up issues.
  10. Lately I've started to notice what sounds like a slight tapping after my engine gets up to normal temperature. It's a very light tap & hard to hear but you can definitely hear it when you listen closely....Sometimes it even sounds like a clock ticking fast when driving normally.....Only thing I know that I have changed the last month or so is that I've been running Stanadyne Performance formula in my diesel....Is this an exhaust valve or something that I'm hearing?
  11. I needed to put the 7x12's on the shelf.I wanted to see if i could get better mpg.As well as help my new vp last a little longer.I traded some guy.He wanted my old hx40.I wanted his rv injectors.So he gave me some cash and the injectors,i gave hin the 40.I sent the injectors just to get freshened up.The guy at the injector shop told me they were crusty.He fixed them up and did whatever them guys do and sent them back. So i put them in.I had hard cold starting problems.Somehow air was getting into the system.I did find the return line needed to be tightened.Did that little to no change.Then i remember the injector guy saying something about (They should work themselves in)They did not seem to be doing so.So i added 1 qt 2s for 3/4 tank of diesel. I am happy to say the 2 stroke is helping my cold start up.Today it is just a tick away from being perfect. The extra lube in the fuel is helping the injectors seat and not bleed down
  12. After close to five months of people looking at my truck and not being able to fix it - It ran tonight!!!!!! It was the VP44, and so far everything seems good. I cant drive it yet tho cus one of the geniuses at the one shop picked up the front end of my truck with a fork truck and it crushed the steering stablizer, its another $40 which is really nuttn compared to the cash i forked out for the VP44 LOL!!!! Im just so happy its running right now tho nuttn can crush my buzz LOL!!!! I want to thank you all for the help, you all are really great!!! Ill let you know how it goes from here, and thanks againg for you all being here!!!
  13. Does two cycle fuel stop gelling in the winter?It would seem logical that someone would have taken some of the fuel mixed with two cycle oil, and put a sample in the freezer and looked at it as it got cold to see if it would gel!I haven't seen any posts where someone has tried it.
  14. Set a new record [for me] on MPG in my 93'. :thumb1:23.447 mpg ... up from 23.2.General mixed town and rural driving with about 1000 pounds of stuff in the bed..... no towing.2 cycle / 1oz. per gallon of fuel.
  15. Another question thats probably already been answered but I didnt see it. Could I benifit from using 2-stroke oil in my 05 6.0 powerstroke?
  16. You guys got to check this out... Below article is from... http://www.dieselbombers.com/alternative-fuels-additives-fluids/953-2-stroke-oil-thread-13.html#post482310 After calling back the military testing facility in Manching, bavaria I got some interesting news. -It doesn't matter what kind of Diesel engine 2-stroke oil is added. It is designed as an lubrication and cleaning aid. It burns itself cleaner than Diesel. -recommended mixture is 1:200 down to 1:250. A higher mixture will devlop blue smoke again. - Use of 2-stroke oil is demanded, when not knowing the source of Diesel or assuming impurities or dilluted Diesel. This is what every 2 stroke oil manufacturer claims: Think about it! - Outstanding wear protection Extended life for critical engine parts - Enhanced frictional properties Improved fuel economy - Excellent thermal and oxidation stability Exceptional engine cleaning power resulting in extended valve life, reduced ring sticking, piston tightening and elimination of pre-ignition problems - Excellent corrosion protection properties Longest engine life - Eliminates pre-ignition Maximises fuel efficiency and extends piston life - Smoke-free exhaust Cleaner environment Why should a mixture of 1:50 in a gasoline engine be worse than a mixture of 1:200 in a Diesel just beeing needed as a lubing aid? Being at the official demanded saftey inspection caused the safety officer to shook his head and to run the test twice. Emissions are 57% better than the last time. The ten year old engine is now as good as a modern engine equipped with a DPF. This shows again that 2-stroke oil is so bad for the engine...
  17. In short, yes. Though we will not have devastating results from not using it like the next generation cummins, it does help the lift pump and all parts of the fuel system. I noticed a ticking in my lift pump one day, dumped in some 2-stroke and it fixed it right up. Another thing I noticed was it does not smoke as much in the morning with the 2-stroke. Having the timing up, the beast hates the cold and smokes like a freight train until the EGT's are over 400, but the other day, I started it and couple minutes later went back over and said uhhh, wheres the smoke! All I saw was a blue haze instead of a white cloud. I am not exactly sure how 2-stroke can have such an impact on smoke with a cold engine but the results were obvious. I also believe it helps with MPG, the added power is enough to keep you off the pedal just a little bit more keeping you over 20 as long as you are under 75mph.
  18. Hi,Where I get my fuel the pumps say 5 to 20 percent biodiesel( soy), can I still add 2 cycle oil with no ill effects?Thanks David
  19. Can you mix 2 stroke oil and anti-jelling additive, for the winter...thanks
  20. I've been adding 2 cycle oil to my VP-44 and my wife's 12V since 2001, 8 years now. Pulled the injectors once and they looked exactly as expected. No evil 2 cycle "gum" buildup.Now to the interesting part: I bought another used 3500 2001 with 117,000 miles. Shortly there afterwards, I started getting low power periods and P1693 (?), the code for "internal timing error". I didn't have the time or money to replace the VP at that time. So I experimented with heavy dosing of 2 cycle oil in the fuel. <100:1 mix ratio. I was able to drive the truck several more months before replacing the VP.My son didnt believe me about 2 cycle oil, his VP died at about 150,000 miles. Same code. He decided to try the heavy dosing of 2 cycle oil, and he was able to drive the truck for a month. But if he forgot to add the 100:1 2 cycle oil back wouold come the P1693 code. I had the same experience if I forgot to heavy dose.Is the heavy dosing a "fix"? Answer: no, the damage is already done, but the extra high dose of lubrication got the timing ring to move again.Suppositionally, I suggest that increasing the lurication quality of diesel fuel will prolong the life of the injection pump and injectors, since both are mechanical and I have not see a mechanical device that didnt benefit from improved lubrication.
  21. For anyone interested, I've got the 04.5 listed in my signature. I've been running 2 stroke oil in her now for almost 1.5 years and 30,000+ miles. No problems at all. No gummed up injectors, no carboned up injectors, no frozen fuel in cold weather and none of the other crazy fears thrown out there about using this stuff in your fuel. What I have seen is a smoother idle and high speed operation. I've also seen about a .5-1 mpg increase in fuel mileage since I starting using the 2 stroke. I've always had a smooth and quiet 3rd generation truck also!! But the oil makes it even more quiet!!! I just got back from a week long hunting trip to North Dakota. We obviously took my truck because it has 4 doors and can haul a trailer rather economically!!! Anyhow, 4 guys in my truck, 2 dogs in crates in the back along with anything assorted equipment we could fit back there. In back of that we towed a 5x8 very stought single axle open top trailer that was loaded to the gills with gear. If I had to guess, I'd bet our GVW would've been about 12,000lbs. A couple of my hunting buds are pushing 3 spins on the scale!!! All that said, the fuel mileage for our trip was as follows: tank 1....19.1mpg, tank 2....18.7mpg, tank 3....16.6mpg, tank 4....18.9mpg. I still am running tank 5 now, as we filled up only about 100 miles from home. Until I hitched my work trailer up to her, she was reading 20.3mpg on the overhead, which is quite accurate. All these tanks had 2 stroke oil added to them. The highway speeds were kept at about 70mph and the hunting area speeds averaged 40-60mph on the better gravel roads!!!!! All that said, I USE my truck for what it was designed for. I tow most everyday of the week. In fact, my truck had my work trailer behind her the day after I drove her off the lot!!! I don't know where this gummed up/carboned up injectors crap comes from........at least for me. Probably from folks that take there truck to the train station and take the train to work!!!! :rolleyes Anyway, that's my story. :thumbsup
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