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Found 22 results

  1. The clutch I got my SB 1947 OFE installed the last part on November. It was nice to now have a non slipping clutch again. I am impressed with the SB. In first it engages smoothly, it is a little grabby launching in 2nd but nothing to worry about. It holds like the Hulk and I am very happy with it. i made one run of about 475 miles with the 5th wheel in tow and the comp on 2X3 and it handled it just fine. This was on a good mix of flat and hill country. No long grades to speak of but a good many short 6% or so grades. The clutch held great no matter what I threw at it. When I got home maneuvering the 5th wheel into my driveway went smooth. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth it was in 1st and reverse. It is mostly flat but a 90* turn to back it in and takes a good bit clutch work to get it in. Fuel mileage and the comp I had to move the 5th wheel a few months before the clutch install. Since I new the old clutch was almost done I made the trip in 5th gear. The trip was 440 miles of mostly interstate like described above and I ran 65 mph as much as possible. I netted 10.1 mpg on the trip.That was with the comp installed but turned off which allowed me to build over 20 psi of boost without the ECM defueling the engine. When I made the return trip after the clutch install I still ran 65 mph but used 6th gear as much as possible. I have always towed in 6th as long as it pulls good with about half throttle. I made the trip with the comp on 2X3 and netted 11.3 mpg. That is best I have ever gotten traveling at 65 mph. Driving around empty has been a lot fun to. The comp puts a lot of power to the ground and it was nice feeling like young man again. I am thoroughly impressed with it especially after driving with no chip for the past 2.5 or so years. The miss Now the rub. About 3 weeks ago I noticed i was picking up an intermittent miss under medium to heavy throttle. It is not like one cylinder cuts out it is intermittent and not constant. The truck idles fine with no miss and does not miss if I roll into the throttle and let the rpm build. it misses when I just stick my foot in it and every once in a while it does not miss at all. It also does not miss with the comp turned off no matter how hard I get on it. Not sure what to make of it, weak injector, fuel leak, weak cylinder, something with the comp maybe. The weather has been either too wet or cold to check much out. Hope this turns out to be simple.
  2. Here you go gang I did a full YouTube video of how I changed out the master and slave cylinder and bled the system out and installed. I'll get this moved over to the article database and updated as well.
  3. I just made a 1000 mile round trip from Alabama to home and back again. Upon arrival last night I noticed a slight squeal with the clutch depressed. Drove the last couple miles to the rv and sure enough I am hearing it while changing gears. When I parked I left the engine running and it appears the bearing is turning constantly. That might explain why it is failing prematurely, only 70k on the bearing. So today I determined that the bearing is definitely turning all the time. I removed the slave and started the engine and no noise, the bearing was not spinning. I replaced the slave about 60k and never compared it to the original. So I am thinking that maybe the rod is a little long and has been spinning the bearing for a long time. . I shortened the rod a little better than 1/4" and re installed it. The bearing is still spinning, engine on and clutch released. The clutch feels no different. I still have about 1/2" to 3/4" movement before meeting much resistance. So I am thinking I will shorten the rod another quarter inch and see what happens. I cant help but think if the rod was to long that the bearing would have held up this long constantly spinning. Is there something else in there that could fail and cause the bearing to be engaged all the time? I know the tranny has got to come off no matter what to get this fixed. I am just trying to either get it home and do it myself or find some one that wont bend me over the stump and do it right. To get it home I have got to get this bearing to stop spinning.
  4. I was on my way to vist my brother today and while accelerating the clutch slipped in 5th. I realized my toe was on the clutch pedal and removed it right away and let off the throttle. Got back in the throttle(about 75%) and it slipped again. Did this 3 times in a row. Got done with my visit and took off to my daughter house. I had to drive across the mountains from Hickory nc to Johnson city Tn and never slipped the clutch once and I was trying to. The valair clutch is about 2.5 years old with about 65k on it. Anybody ever had this happen to them? It was strange,
  5. hello everone, I have an 01 5.9 HO TD with 6 speed manual. today me and the kid were out picking up a welding machine on a small trailer and coming up to a stop sign, go to push in clutch and felt it go limp right to the board. what now ? I'm think,n. sitt,n there i started pumping and after a couple it came back to normal. had about 20 miles left to go. it did it again intermittently a few times but not consistantly. I would greatly appreiciate any and all feed back. THX
  6. Hi there. Hope everyone is well. I recently started getting some chirping in the cab and dismissed it as something being loose. However, seems it only occurs when I dump the clutch or quickly increase demand from the engine. Does this sound like it could be the t.o.b. starting to fail. Thanks for the time.
  7. Hubby is not very mechanically inclined and currently working too many days & hours to even attempt working on my truck so looks like I'll have to put it into the shop some where. Been pampering this thing for over a year, knowing it was getting worse and I am NOT going to get stranded out some where pulling my horse trailer.... SOOOooooo, any suggestions on how to locate a good shop and what kind of cost should I be expecting? I dont really want to try 'piece' it back together and have this happen again later as I'll have to take off work while it's in the shop since I dont have a back up vehicle to use to get around.2001 Dodge 3500 quad cab with 245,000 miles and 6 speed..... I dont ever plan on replacing her but time to get this taken care of. Wouldn't get into gear last weekend with trailer on her and then again this morning while driving to work. Get to the office to park and she wants to vibrate forward even tho the clutch was all the way in.
  8. my HVAC man has a 2011 dually with a 6 speed. we swapped today for a very short drive. when i stepped on the clutch i almost put the pedal to thru the floor board. i swear icould push it in with one finger. when i went to let it out i did not think it was going to come up. i just kept lifting my foot until it cmae up all the way amd with a big jerk off i went. the whole time i am wondering what he thinks about the way i drive. we get to the job and both get out. he is holding his leg and wondering how anybody can drive a truck with a clutch that pushes back like mine. we both had a good laugh about it. it was a very nice truck but the clutch is so soft it reminds me of a little compact car with a hydraulic clutch, not a big dually. never been a fan of a clutch that soft unless i get stuck in traffic the goes slower thatn 1st gear at idle.
  9. installed my dual disc and upgraded hydraulics but the engagement is way at the top of the pedal swingsouthbend told me that the slave cylinder is pushing too far and i need to take it back off and cut about 1/2in off of the rod...has anyone else had to do this? kind of nervous i dont want to cut too muchits annoying and tough to get used to the clutch pedal having to come just about all the way out before i start moving
  10. Went away on holidays, no problems until I got about 3 miles from home, stopped to fill up and pushed clutch in after being in stop and go traffic and it went to the floor. Best place for it to happen though, was able to chug it home starting it in gear and creeping through stop signs. Of course happened during rush hour which made it more challenging. http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/4226-Anyway-to-check-how-much-wear-a-clutch-has-left Had changed the slave cylinder a few months ago, parts guy recommended I replace both, but being a Scot i took the cheaper route, well should have taken his advice just replaced the Master and it got my clutch working again. It now comes up about 1.5-2 inches off the floor and grabs, is this how a good setup is as i can't recall with all the issues I have had with mine over the last few months. Thanks Rick
  11. 2001 Ram 2500 quad 4x2, 24 valve turbo 5 speed.Suddenly clutch started going soft (doesn't engage fully, hard to shift into gear) if depressed for prolong period or if engaged several times in a row. Strangely it recovers and works fine within a few minutes. I am guessing slave/master cylinder issue - but why does it recover and work fine? Air in the line? It drives just fine otherwise and clutch and gears work great as long as I lay off the clutch as much as possible (coast to stops put in neutral, etc.). Maybe this is common but, anytime I had clutch problems in past with cars it was a slow permanent process - no recovery. Ideas out there? Hate to crack open housing and buy parts needlessly. Thanks! PS - looks like a great forum! Had the truck only 1 year and have had almost no problems. Used mainly as a work truck.
  12. Been struggling with the clutch on our 1998 ever since my son took it for a long trip last month.At first he lost the clutch completely, so we replaced the slave cylinder and that seemed to correct part of the problem.It seems to grab solidly but the pedal comes so far off the floor (from what I remember it was like before), that it just doesn't feel right. I bled the system and believe the master is okay.Anyway to check this to see if the clutch friction plate is worn? I read if you put it in 4th or 5th and accelarate at low speed you can watch for slippage, I've tried this and it doesn't seem to slip, just slowly builds speed.Any other suggestions or maybe I'm just being paranoid? :cookoo:ThanksRick
  13. Ok fellas you know I'm having problems with my tranny that I just bought not too long ago! So I'm thinking since I'm going to be down while waiting on flick to get me another tranny!!! I was wondering what type of clucth to put in! You see all the mods I've done to it, I'm turning over 400hp and the clutch in is kinda weak although it's considered heavy duty! I might as well put in a heavier duty clutch since I'm tore down that far! So give me y'alls expert opionions!!! Thanks in advance!
  14. I am installing new eng. and have a few questions. I am not a clutch expert but here gose. What brand of gresse should I go back with on shaft that throw out bearing slides on? It had a little but was getting dry and hard. Also shouldnt the splines that the clutch rides on have a little? You can see it had some at one time but is dry now.
  15. Looks like I will be needing a clutch, getting some chatter in 1st. What do you guys recommend?
  16. Had the truck over in St. Louis today. While driving around, I discovered that I was having a problem shifting, especially when stopped. I had to put the truck into neutral to stop, shut off the engine to put it into second, start the engine, then go. Upshifts were not much of a problem. Downshifts were shaky, as sometimes they were ok, other times it would not downshift. I ordered new clutch master and slave cylinders from Autozone. O'Reilly's couldn't get them for 5-7 days. No NAPA here. Autozone had the slave in stock, the master cylinder will be here tomorrow. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks.
  17. i am going to be replacing my clutch soon. my budget is limited. i found a really good deal on a Valeo flywheel at auto parts wharehouse. $152 and change. does anyone no any thing about either the seller or Valeo?
  18. So after much frustration and $$$ My front end is all squared away and the steering is as it should be. Tie rods, ball joints, Sealed adjustable solid track bar, leveling kit, wearable joints ect. Along with all the interior and body parts replaced. Would like to do control arms to match the 2.5" leveling spacers angle but back to the point on hand... I can finally start spending on the tranny/performance. First off, my Nv4500 is in decent shape, drives very well. But is not brand new anymore... Before I go out and try to find a clutch should I be dropping the tranny and checking everything before thinking about a clutch flywheel or anything else? I read this http://www.fourwheeler.com/techarticles/drivetrain/129_0608_rebuilding_nv4500_transmission/index.html writeup on rebuilds and talked to a guy I know, he said I'd be looking at about $1,500 for rebuild. Plan on making this a 350-400horse daily driver truck could possibly pull a few trailers maybe 5th wheel too. I need to get some suggestions on what I should do to this tranny so that It wont clunk out on me! Haven't lost one yet and would love to keep it that way
  19. I have 160k miles on my 3/4ton truck 5 speed and have owned it since december. Whole time its had a throwout bearing noise but had no problems driving slipping shifting etc... Well since it has gotten warm last few weeks and only after i drive it say 20miles or more in the heat i have noticed it getting hard to shift into gear. you really have to push clutch all the way hard some times to get it into gear especially reverse and first once you come to a stop. Thanks for your help in advance. Chris
  20. I don't know anything about the clutch pedal or how to adjust it. Lately I have had to turn the engine off to get it to go into any gear when stopped. Has happened yesterday and today now. It's been flawless up till now so I think it just needs to be tightened up, but how do I do this? Do I just need to bleed it?
  21. Today I drove into town about an hour drive. When I got there I stopped and it smelled like I had left the park brake on. I know that was not the case just what it smelled like brake material or clutch material. So here we go .... :$: Tue the truck goes in for some service. I'm getting my rv 275s installed, valves adjusted, mbrp 4" installed, Edge Juice w/Attitude installed, front end done ball joints, track bar, etc... the works. At that time I will have the free spin kit installed I got from DLux thanks Erik . I am getting a good deal at the shop so I am letting them do the easy stuff too. I have a torn tendon in my left shoulder so im out of options for the next few months or so. So I guess I need a clutch so with the options listed do you guys think I need a DD? I don't want to blow a lot of cash on it as i just did on everything else, but if it is a absolute necessity it would not pay to try to go cheap and then pay again later. I plan to use this truck to pull a 5th wheel. I don't have one yet but am looking at them a lot. Probably around 12-15k but as there are tons available out there I would take a bigger one if i could get it a good price. I guess that should be enough info on the issue and needs. Any suggestions? Thanks, Curt
  22. Hello all. decided to go ahead and post before i get kicked off. I have 2001 5 speed. just bought truck and already had a few mods. previous owner said it had a south bend clutch. My question is, when i push clutch in i get a loud rattle. I'm pretty sure its goin out but would like to know b 4 i buy a new clutch. My buddy said his rattles when his lets out. He has same model year and south bend. It will grid/engage when try to put into reverse also. Clutch holds pretty good under load, slips a little when get the boost up high. Any input would be helpful. Thanks
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