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Found 40 results

  1. I have a 47re automatic transmission and about 1-2months ago lost over drive, so at 55mph Im riding at 3k rpms. I have to take back roads every where lol. I have a beater for now to get around over 40mph. I am wanting to swap my automatic for a stick. I live in Strongsville, Ohio which is between Cleveland and Akron on the westside. Any one know a place within 3-4 hours where they would have everything I need? Thanks in advance for the help, and Happy New Year!
  2. So i am in need of some advice on my transmission. It grinds going into 6th gear. I can live with it for now because if I allow the rpms to drop to around 1,000 when i shift it will shift smooth. But I am not the type to leave something like that lingering over my head. I have changed the fluid which helped the tranny a lot. I couldn't even get it in reverse before i changed the fluid. I put the mopar fluid in.I guess I have a bad syncro from what I have read. Does that require a complete rebuild? Should I have it rebuilt when I have someone tear into it? Does anyone know a transmision guy in the Northern Kentucky area? Just trying to get my ducks in a row so I can start saving:spend:.....i know this will cost me a few pennies.Thanks,Jason
  3. I hate to speak to soon but I can hardly control myself. I finally found the permenant fix for the torque convertor locking and unlocking. Its an nv4500! I found a donor truck on CL and got the guy down to $1800. its a 2000 model and it was a dually but had been converted into a mud truck. The owner rolled it 30 minutes into his first outing and the cab and driverside body got destroyed but the motor and trans/transfercase are still good. best part is I shouldnt have to source any parts except a shifter boot. Getting it for such a good price should enable me to at least break even when I sell the engine and my auto trans/transfer case. My auto is still good and has good firm shifts but nothing takes the place of a stick in my opinion. Did I mention im super excited so I hope something doesnt go wrong. Im picking it up tuesday.
  4. So I have searched here after reading an article on CF about fluid to use in the NV5600. Some say Pennzoil, Amsoil, OEM..etc. First off, is the Syncromesh transission fliud made for the GM brand the same stuff reccomended for this tranny? From what I can read I think it is, just makes a fella question it when GM sells for less then half of what Dodge dealers want. I have also read the theory of adding the limited slip (1 bottle) to the tranny when doing an oil change to it. Has anyone in here been doing it to theirs? I think i'm going to do a fluid change on mine and not sure what to put in it. I can't get the Pennzoil or Amsoil here in Canada where I live so it's gonig to be dealership oil or maybe the GM fluid if it is in fact the same and the limited slip oil if it's a good idea
  5. hello everone, I have an 01 5.9 HO TD with 6 speed manual. today me and the kid were out picking up a welding machine on a small trailer and coming up to a stop sign, go to push in clutch and felt it go limp right to the board. what now ? I'm think,n. sitt,n there i started pumping and after a couple it came back to normal. had about 20 miles left to go. it did it again intermittently a few times but not consistantly. I would greatly appreiciate any and all feed back. THX
  6. Ive searched and cant find the thread showing where to get the little plastic "cup" that fits on the ned of the shift stick into the tranny. Mine is worn and has about an inch of play front to rear and i hate play. its the little black thing on the end of the stick shift below (cant get the image to work) http://www.allstategear.com/Shifter%20Components/Medium/NV25683.jpg
  7. Hi there. Hope everyone is well. I recently started getting some chirping in the cab and dismissed it as something being loose. However, seems it only occurs when I dump the clutch or quickly increase demand from the engine. Does this sound like it could be the t.o.b. starting to fail. Thanks for the time.
  8. So how much are good used ones going for? I have chance to buy one for $1200. Don't really need it but I hear they are getting harder to get, thought as long as I have my truck it may be a good idea to have a spare until I get rid of it someday, then I can always sell it . Says it has a 1 3/8 10 spline input shaft, not really sure though if that's the same as the one in my truck...anyway of telling short of tearing it apart?
  9. So I will need to tear apart my NV4500 and replace the syncros because it grinds when I shift into second gear. If I double clutch then I can shift with out grinding gears, but trying to down shift is difficult, so I am planning on tearing it down to replace the syncros, just wondering if I should have any other parts handy to replace since it is opened up? It seems to be fine otherwise, no whining, the gear shifter is tight and it does not seem to leak any fluids. I do not know if it has the fifth gear fix or not? Thanks for any insight.
  10. Well I am soon to be rebuilding the trans in my truck. I have rebuilt a couple of NV4500s and a few other manuals but never a NV5600. I keep hearing how the 5600s are hard to rebuild but I don't quite understand why. Anyone want to clue me into why they are so hard to rebuild? And please don't try to tell me I need 100T press to press the gears off. That has got to be the biggest load of crap I have heard about these transmissions. You may have the occasional trans that needs a little extra help but otherwise a 25T should have no trouble getting the job done.
  11. ok about to pull the transmission again ....i think i broke third gear ....looking to see if anyone has any experience in rebuilding a nv4500? i figure that its got to b cheaper than a rebuilt one ...best price i have gotten so far is $3400......also sorry for the long time between posts but between the army and the new job at kenworth truck company I havent had much spare time till now......thanks alot gang
  12. Hubby is not very mechanically inclined and currently working too many days & hours to even attempt working on my truck so looks like I'll have to put it into the shop some where. Been pampering this thing for over a year, knowing it was getting worse and I am NOT going to get stranded out some where pulling my horse trailer.... SOOOooooo, any suggestions on how to locate a good shop and what kind of cost should I be expecting? I dont really want to try 'piece' it back together and have this happen again later as I'll have to take off work while it's in the shop since I dont have a back up vehicle to use to get around.2001 Dodge 3500 quad cab with 245,000 miles and 6 speed..... I dont ever plan on replacing her but time to get this taken care of. Wouldn't get into gear last weekend with trailer on her and then again this morning while driving to work. Get to the office to park and she wants to vibrate forward even tho the clutch was all the way in.
  13. Went away on holidays, no problems until I got about 3 miles from home, stopped to fill up and pushed clutch in after being in stop and go traffic and it went to the floor. Best place for it to happen though, was able to chug it home starting it in gear and creeping through stop signs. Of course happened during rush hour which made it more challenging. http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/4226-Anyway-to-check-how-much-wear-a-clutch-has-left Had changed the slave cylinder a few months ago, parts guy recommended I replace both, but being a Scot i took the cheaper route, well should have taken his advice just replaced the Master and it got my clutch working again. It now comes up about 1.5-2 inches off the floor and grabs, is this how a good setup is as i can't recall with all the issues I have had with mine over the last few months. Thanks Rick
  14. 2001 Ram 2500 quad 4x2, 24 valve turbo 5 speed.Suddenly clutch started going soft (doesn't engage fully, hard to shift into gear) if depressed for prolong period or if engaged several times in a row. Strangely it recovers and works fine within a few minutes. I am guessing slave/master cylinder issue - but why does it recover and work fine? Air in the line? It drives just fine otherwise and clutch and gears work great as long as I lay off the clutch as much as possible (coast to stops put in neutral, etc.). Maybe this is common but, anytime I had clutch problems in past with cars it was a slow permanent process - no recovery. Ideas out there? Hate to crack open housing and buy parts needlessly. Thanks! PS - looks like a great forum! Had the truck only 1 year and have had almost no problems. Used mainly as a work truck.
  15. Sceems as if it does it louder when its cold.. Anyways whenever I push the clutch in makes a rattle noise. Asked around and someone told me my throw out bearing could be bad.. Thought Id ask on here see what you all thing... Next is 3rd gear is a pain in the ___ to get into using the clutch.. I can go thro all gears with out the clutch no problem but using the clutch seems as if it hesitates to get in there.. I got the south bend dual disk clutch so i thought maby that could cause it to be harder. Any thought would be appreciated
  16. Been struggling with the clutch on our 1998 ever since my son took it for a long trip last month.At first he lost the clutch completely, so we replaced the slave cylinder and that seemed to correct part of the problem.It seems to grab solidly but the pedal comes so far off the floor (from what I remember it was like before), that it just doesn't feel right. I bled the system and believe the master is okay.Anyway to check this to see if the clutch friction plate is worn? I read if you put it in 4th or 5th and accelarate at low speed you can watch for slippage, I've tried this and it doesn't seem to slip, just slowly builds speed.Any other suggestions or maybe I'm just being paranoid? :cookoo:ThanksRick
  17. Hi, just experienced the fifth gear problem yesterday, i was hauling my trailer, when all of the sudden i hear a noise and vibration from the transmission. After that my fifth gear will not work any more, luckily made back in fourth. Today we drop the transmission to see what was the problem, and i find that the nut on the mainshaft came loose and my fifth gear and mainshaft gear were gone. I've been searching on the internet and found out this is a typical problem for the NV4500 transmission. Just ordered the gears and need to order the nut also. Having a hard time picking a design that works, would appreciate any input or experience on the parts i need to fix my truck. Thanks.
  18. i have posted before about my 6 speed and it jumping out of 1st, rev, and 6th. today i was coming home and went to shift for m 4th to 5th and it stuck in 4th. it did shift into 5th but it took some effort to get it out. it now no longer will go into 4th. it pulls into the position but does not engage the gears. 3rd is clashing just a wee bit but working fine while in gear. it never made any noises just stuck ther in fourth until i forced it out. i am sure i have to either rebuild or replace the tranny. i have had a hard time finding any one who wants to work on that six speed. i know some of you out there have 6 speeds and i was hoping you have had some good experiance with any of the many remanufacturers out there. or maybe some has one laying around they might want to get rid of. i also want ot know if any one has any opinions on wether they would drive this thing or park it before i have a catasrophic failure.
  19. Ok fellas you know I'm having problems with my tranny that I just bought not too long ago! So I'm thinking since I'm going to be down while waiting on flick to get me another tranny!!! I was wondering what type of clucth to put in! You see all the mods I've done to it, I'm turning over 400hp and the clutch in is kinda weak although it's considered heavy duty! I might as well put in a heavier duty clutch since I'm tore down that far! So give me y'alls expert opionions!!! Thanks in advance!
  20. Or as I am coming to think of it -- extraction... I am looking for info on how to remove the blasted thing without doing anymore damage than I already have to repair with the clutch going out. Does anyone have any diagrams for the NV5600 that includes removal of the input shaft? I have the manual, have downloaded what little I could find on the net. I am hopeful someone here has done this and can give me some tips. I am waiting for the replacement to arrive from Standard Gear. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance. T
  21. I am installing new eng. and have a few questions. I am not a clutch expert but here gose. What brand of gresse should I go back with on shaft that throw out bearing slides on? It had a little but was getting dry and hard. Also shouldnt the splines that the clutch rides on have a little? You can see it had some at one time but is dry now.
  22. Hey guys,Well yesterday my NV4500 decided to lose 3rd/4th gear. Now I'm trying to decide on what to do.... I've seen that ATS and Haisley Machine both sell a NV4500 and I know I can buy the parts to fix mine. But my problem is I'm trying to decide what the best bang for the buck would be.... Would I be better off with a NV5600 or stick with the NV4500? The FSO-6404a swap is pretty cool but I'm not sure about trying to source all the parts right now. Any opinions on the ATS or Haisley trans or any other places and parts outlets?:shrug:I know I make well over what the NV4500 is rated for and I'd like not to have breakage down the road even though I don't generally drive that hard. Just seems to be a lot of controversy over which transmission is best/ worth putting money into....:shrug:Thanks,Winslow
  23. Well life officially sucks again ....the transmission started acting funky last night on the incredible hulk ...ie not wanting to go into second gear ..my normal takeoff gear ..raking bad in third and the only way to go into reverse was shut the truck off put it in third then restart ...so no hulk for me for at least a week the local shop guy says 1500 for a rebuilt five speed ..but he might b able to crack mine open an fix it for about 900 ....any thoughts or ideas ...on price and what might b wrong :banghead::banghead:
  24. i am putting a new clutch in my 02. i will have the tranny in my hand. it is pushing itself out of 1st and rev. when backing up or pulling forward, when i let of of the throttle something is pushing it out of gear. you can feel it in the shifter, like i was on the otherside pushing it out of gear. has anyone had experience with this? --- Update to the previous post... is it possible for a bad pilot bearing or input shaft bearing to cause this?
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