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Found 27 results

  1. No boost and 100% transmission slip???? So I just changed my oil and fuel filters along with fixing an oil leak on the vacuum pump. To fixing the oil leak I unplugged the sensor behind the vacuum pump and the three wire plug next to the engine ID plate..... fixed the oil leak and re-assembled everything. While I was drive home, I noticed it not registering boost and the trans was at 100% slip. I foot braked it to try and build some boost. It start to build up but felt like it just fell on its face and didn't have any power. Still drove okay I tried resetting the app sensor no change. 01 2nd gen, BT iquad all the normal mods. Looking for ideas?!
  2. I have a Quadzilla Adrenaline with V2 tuning but it won’t load custom tunes??? HELP PLEASE!!
  3. Looking for a high horsepower tune for the truck in my signature. The truck is not a daily and the tune will only be used for dyno events
  4. I just finished installing my 4" Turbo back exhaust on the new truck today. When I was done, I went for a spin and noticed I have no mph being displayed on the Quadzilla. I didn't check it before so don't know if this is the issue or not. Speedo is fine on the truck, what am I missing?
  5. Hi Guys, I have been learning alot about my cummins from reading these forums. This is my first post, so please forgive me if this topic has been covered. Background: I finally got my quad adrenaline board replaced and I had no boost pressure. I replaced the map harness because there were a couple butt splices in the wiring and presumed that was the problem. Once I changed the harness I have a boost reading on my control pod of 48-51 pretty consistently no matter TP, speed, ect. I did some reading on here and found out some map sensors "Fail High", which seems to correspond to my issue and also gives good reason to my poor mileage 8-10 mpg. Occasionally when I start the truck up the boost starts at 0 and will go up to 20 or 21 depending on throttle, ect. But usually goes right back to 48-51 upon restart. I ordered a map sensor from Advanced Auto for $135 with a 25% online coupon and when I received it the connector was more oval shaped than the one on the truck, so I returned it. I called the dealer today and found out that they sell a Boost Sensor and a wiring harness for $370 something. The parts guy didn't know much so that is why I am here. Assumptions: 1. I am currently assuming the Map sensor is still bad even though it occationally works. 2. I am assuuming cummins has updated this sensor with a new connector style and requires the new harness to connect. Questions: 1. Is it normal for a map sensor to sometimes work and sometimes not being either/or on start condition? Or is this an electrical issue? 2. Are my assumptions correct about the new connector type and require a harness? 3. Recommendations for sensor and harness? Or old style sensor connector? Below is picture of Old sensor on the left and new sensor on the right. Thanks in advance!
  6. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why my fuel mileage is so poor, I have played with several different tunes on my quadzilla and still can’t get over 14 on the highway. I’m running 35 in tires. I’ve heard it could be injection pump but it was replaced not to long ago and it’s been running great so it’s hard to believe that’s the problem. I’m also on stock injectors
  7. I apologize if there is already another thread for something similar to this, however I’m looking for some help in tuning my 99 5 speed. My truck has some modifications and I just don’t feel like it’s at it’s full potential with the pre loaded tunes. It’s got 60 hp injectors and a silver bullet 66 turbo, was hoping someone could give me some options or a list of what should make it run the best. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Sorry for yet another thread but I just upgraded quadzilla to V2 with cord i found in junk drawer XD. So now im wondering if there is a baseline tune for Economy, Towing, and Race for a 7x.011 sac truck? or close to that?
  10. I need help with tuning my quadzilla 4K for my truck. Truck has 188/220 cam,103 springs,7x13 injectors, pushrods and studs and t4 manifold but I can’t figure out tunes for my setup it pops at higher rpms and sometimes even shuts the truck off. I have a brand new fass 165 set to 20psi and 15 at wot. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Just want to say thanks in advance. This is my first post on here but have been a member for a while now. But I’m looking for some help and I have not tried searching all that much as my setup is different than most. For some reason I can’t get any better than 13mpg out of my truck. Truck info is in my sig. I am running 35x12.50 Toyo Mts on 20x10 Fuels. It has 3.55 gearing too. I am running the dd tune that’s for trucks with 50-150hp injectors but I have changed a couple things on it. Idk if it’s just the way things are setup but I hardly have any turbo lag and my truck runs good and hard but like I said I can’t for the life of me squeeze out any more than 13mpg. The truck is pretty hazy too under light acceleration. Any help is appreciated. Tune is uploaded in the pics. Thanks
  12. So I’ve had my quadzilla on for the past 3 weeks I’d say. It’s been great. Really woke up the truck. Today I was on my way back from a 2hr long drive picking up an air dog 150. When I was 5min away from my dorm going roughly 45mph just normal driving/cruising my check engine light came on and the truck went down to 800 (roughly around idle speed) rpms and I had no power. Pulled over to the side and let it idle for a while and then I slowly drove away and it’s been driving fine. Haven’t been able to check the code yet but will run to oriellys tomorrow to get it checked ( wish you could check codes from the iquad but not a big deal). Has anybody else had an issue like this? I’m trying to figure out if it’s quadzilla related or just my trucks issue. All insight in appreciated, thanks in advance!
  13. Hello @Quadzilla Power, I've been having an issue since I installed my IQuadBT that I'd like to rectify. For the most part, everything is great. I have quite a few intermittent connection issues but I've learned to deal with them. The biggest problem is the "Failed to Export" message I get when trying to capture a data log, of any size. I really need to do some data logging on my primary device, an Android In-Dash head unit, running version 4.4.4. I can export on my Samsung Galaxy S4 running 6.0.1. However, my tunes are on the in-dash unit, and there is no easy way that I know of for switching tunes back and forth. And all of my tweaks and changes are on the primary device. The device is rooted,and I ran fix permissions and wiped the dalvik cache. Still no go. I'm ready to try anything except for flashing a different android firmware. Can you guys help me out troubleshooting this? It seems that Iquad can't create the .csv for for export, so maybe there still is a permission issue of some kind. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you, -Kole
  14. Hi I'm new to the site but have learned so much and hoping you guys can help me out. I've been getting a dead pedal at 53-55lbs of boost, things I've done aside from power mods are auto to nv5600 and 2001 fuel filter with twist off cap. Power mods are on my profile. I've replaced apps, map sensor, made sure the quadzilla is good, have good fuel preassure, and great power till that specific boost. Any ideas would help. Thanks.
  15. Hey everyone I have been doing a ton of research lately trying to figure out what upgrade I want to do on my truck. I have looked over many different threads regarding injectors however these threads are almost 8 years old now. I have also been following the Quadzilla V2 threads very closely and recently purchased the iQuadBT. Like most guys I have gotten the thirst for more horsepower. I am on a limited budget and I am still looking for a reliable daily driver. So my question to you is, if you guys could go back and start with a truck that only had 63,000 miles on it what would you upgrade next? Here is my list of upgrades(for now): 1. 5 inch Turbo back exhaust 2. BHAF 3. FASS 150 4. Quadzilla V2 5. Bean Sump For some reason I cannot figure out my signature but my truck is a 99, 53 block five speed with only 63,000 miles.
  16. Selling my edge juice with attitude cts w/ pod mount, nothing wrong with it, just trying a different chip. Bought it new in 2013 for close to 1000, asking 600 oboAlso selling a smarty s-03, vin unlocked, bought new in 2014 for 700, asking 500 obo.Looking for iquad to hook to iPhone, s472 or s475. entertaining trades. Possible cash over. Both chips come with all literature and adapters. Both are currently still installed but will be removed for a serious buyer, stock trucks aren't any fun lol.Also have stock non trailer tow, power mirrors, stock single bulb head lights, automatic truck cup holder, stock under seat cup holder, stock air box, and stock center console for sale as well. Make me an offer. All items located at zip code 80831.Pictures on request. pm me here, or send me a text at (563) 581-1246
  17. I current have an Edge Comp box and o just wanted to find out what other people were running on their rigs. I'm pretty happy with the comp box but I wasn't sure if anyone else preferred another tuner. The biggest thing that I really care about it overal reliability and on the fly tuning. I know there are lots of other forums online where people debate about this but I want to see what y'alls opinions are. I could be possibly be swayed to switch.
  18. In an Effort to Keep all info in one place I have moved all the info into an article found HERE Feel free to ask questions in this thread, but as I stated in the article I am not longer offering any support beyond what is covered in the article. Jacob at DAP is the new Owner of Quadzilla and all support requests should be forwarded to him. Thanks Nick
  19. I have a 1999 dodge ram 2500 with 5.9. I had purchased a quadzilla tuner and I want to use the fuel pressure monitoring with the programmer. Does anyone know a part number or where I can get a sending unit that will work with this? Also my low fuel pressure warning kit I installed stopped working. I grounded the wire that goes to the pressure switch and it lights so I know the switch is bad. I just need the switch but can only find new kits. thanks
  20. Hello,I am new to the site not new to Cummins or diesel but just purchased a 24V truck and need some guidance.The truck is a 2001 HO sixspeed. I just purchased (among MANY other things) a Qaudzilla Adrenaline with the V2 screen. I also am purchasing a FASS setup. I am doing all this from a computer as Im overseas and my trucks are in Texas.I need to know what kind of fitting do I need to run the FASS and the Qaudzilla sender into the VP44. Is it a T-fitting? Anyone with pics or helpful info would be greatly appreciated. I searched on CF but couldn't find a good pic of anyones setup.Thank you in advance,Zack
  21. I decided to try the XZT+2000 tune in my new XZT+... I'm thinking the low speed trailer towing will want the agressive bottom end tune. What a PITA. Neither of my XP computers had the .net 3.5 network needed. The Quadzilla instructions are confusing, though all there. It took a nervous hour with both my desktop open to the instructions and (on the second try) the programing done on my laptop. I suppose one could print out the instructions... but you really need them. I think (hope) I got it done. Hopefully additional tuning wil not be so difficult.Russ
  22. Hey, I just purchased a 2005 2500 5.9L, i need some advice, I don't know anything about tuning or where to begin, what is the best purchase for cheap, as in around $1,000. and suggestions with air intake? and maybe DPP cool hose or alternatives?
  23. my aplogies if i used the wrong forum ...ok heres the deal i just bought the quadzilla and am ready to hook it up but would like to keep my edge ez so first question is does anyone know if they are stackable or not and second question if they are how would someone go about stacking them ...ie which parts connect where?.....thanks in advance everyone
  24. Hello Everyone! I am new to the cummins motor so bear with me! I purchased a 2002 dodge 2500 with 80 k on it three months ago and now its time to upgrade.... I have purchased a Airdog 100 fuel pump and Quadzilla XZT+ programmer.... Now with being new to the cummins motor I am unfamiliar with the location of the map senor and data link... If anyone could point me in the right direction i would certainly appreciate any help!
  25. Poor video - but I said I would upload (ISX) Will try a better pic in morning. Setup same as JUICE apart from the wifi stuff. All easy - 20 mins.
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