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Found 16 results

  1. Hey there guys... here's my situation. After having no problems I parked in front of my work. Came out for lunch and truck would not start. This has never happened with this truck, always kicked right off. I had my truck towed home, and trouble shot what I thought was the Raptor liftpump was inop, as no fuel was getting to the VP44. Had them send me a new pump as this was in warranty, and I installed it yesterday. I got the truck started, and thought everything was OK. Went to drive it about an hour later and had to crank it for probably 20 seconds before it started rough, then smoothed out. I was going to go into town with it, but as I was driving there I thought better of that and decided to drive it back home as maybe it wouldn't re-start. Sure enough I got home, shut down and it wouldn't restart. I troubleshot the Raptor, and discovered that it was not delivering fuel to the VP44 (FYI this happened several years ago with one of these pumps, stopped functioning within a day, so I had it in my head that this was the issue). Cranked the engine over and felt for suction at the inlet of the Raptor, only suction was when the engine was cranking, i.e. the VP44 was pulling suction through the Raptor, and the Raptor wasn't working. I should add that I could tell that the Raptor motor was running, could see and feel it. So I called Indiana and they suggested I prime the Raptor with motor oil, which I did and did get it to pump fuel to the VP44. I primed to the VP44 and could not get the truck started. I have confirmed that there is fuel to the VP44 inlet, and have pulled the following codes: P1698, P0216, P1693, P0602, P1687, P1694, P0500. I know that some of these are thrown from using the Smarty, which I have set back to stock in the process of troubleshooting this. After clearing the codes I again tried to prime the VP44 by Mikes process, cranking for 30 seconds at a time and then letting the starter cool off. No Joy. Checked for codes after this and have none. I'm leaning to the theory that the fuel starvation caused by the Raptor not pumping has fried the VP44, and that when I started after first replacing the Raptor, the VP44 was pulling fuel through the Raptor and caused the failure. I know there is a lot of experience with this stuff out there...can anyone shed some light on this before I go buy a rebuilt VP44? Thanks
  2. I am thinking of running a 100 micron or something along those line in front of my raptor pump. I am running the standard screen that they send with the pump but I think that if I run a finer filter before the raptor that if will help keep it running quieter. Do you thing that its worth wild?
  3. I have a raptor 150 it just stopped working. My question is can you use the the raptor fuel line on the stock fuel pump? All my stock lines are there and capped but I lost my blue thing that connects the stock fuel line to the tank and I don't really want to drop my fuel tank in the parking lot it snowing and cold. I have changed the relay and this morning I'm going to check for power and all connections thanks in advance Jon
  4. i changed the 15 psi spring out for the 17 psi spring and it worked great, then i went back and put the 15 psi spring back in and the regulator which is on pump snd there is no pressure but the pump does run when bumped. is there something under the ring that the spring sits on that i could have misaligned?
  5. I have just got off the phone with a guy from Tork Teknology who is explaining my installation problems with my new raptor 150 pump. Says he has had alot of comments latley about raptor pumps and so he has done his research. He suggests going to his site and and you can get a newletter updates about all kinds of stuff. His name is Rob and his number is 616-298-9103. Or http://www.torkteknology.com/ He would like to write a tech article about installing the raptor and I would like to encourage him. He spoke with me about things like the stock fuel filter handling only 53 gph while the raptor pushes 150>> Also talked about the overflow valve sending most of the fuel back to the tank - seems to know of the fixes for these issues.
  6. Cliff notes for Raptor 100 and Autometer fuel pressure sending unit and snubber install, just in case I screwed something up along the way I’ll thoroughly explain, main questions will be in bold font to make easier to read (I hope): FP Sender - Removed lines going in and out of filter housing (½” ID 35psi fuel/emissions hose from Goodyear, worm gear hose clamp attaches over male fittings). Removed old fp sender which was smutted into filter drain valve and fitting. Reinstalled fitting with additional sealing washer (per Autometer) to index port at an angle away from drain tube, installed new sender and snubber. Bolted filter back into place and reattached hose from filter to VP. Removed fuel filter from canister, wiped out most debris. Began filling with diesel fuel, slowly pouring down the sides to wash any debris I missed to the bottom. Filled housing about an inch, covered with clean rag and let sit for 20 minutes to allow any floating debris to settle at bottom. Slowly filled canister ¾ of the way and inserted filter (3 weeks old). Pump - Removed OE line from tank to pump and ½” line from pump to filter housing. Installed new ½” blue lines from Raptor kit, bolted pump to frame, installed new wiring, connected and secured hoses. - Checked for power to the pump - the black ground wire is solid, the positive yellow receives a brief flash of power when key is turned to the "on" position. Double checked fuel line connections. Set flow setting on Raptor to fully open hoping this would get the lines bled faster. Stupid move - I was going to bump starter to bleed… forgot to disconnect a line to allow air a way to escape, held key in “start” position too long, truck turned over and ran for a few seconds then died. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess air in the lines killed it Bleed air from lines - removed line going into filter (those “quick connect” lines are fabulous!), wrapped a blue shop towel around the opening so I’d know when fuel came out (working solo here), bumped starter, allowed key return to "on" position, waited thirty seconds, turned key “off” and removed from ignition. Repeated more than 20 times (do not remember the # exact). No fuel present. Cracked the outlet line at pump, fuel was present at that point. I tried the bumping-bleeding business five more times and stopped afraid to cause damage (?) - How many times can I bump the starter? How much fuel does it pump for the 25 second interval? Could it be taking so long because of the length of the lines from the RP kit, they look to be long enough for an extended or mega cab (they are secured in a wide loop away from possible road debris)?
  7. Got my raptor 150 and quadzilla chip and have a few questions before install first one I have a short bed and to install the raptor it looks to me I have to mount it on the outside of the frame is there any problems doing this and the other question is looking at the fuel lines on the tank witch one is the return line and witch one is the feed now on to the chip I understand everything but what wire you tap on the vp 44 thanks in advance
  8. Are these hard to install I want to gain fuel mileage and power the raptor fuel pump I want is the 100 gph how much horse power are these good for I would do the 150 but don't want to mess with the draw straw the edge I want is the juice with attitude to monitor egt fuel pressure and tranny temp will this work for me I eventually want to do ddp injectors probably around 100 125 when I bought the truck I was told it had 75 HP injectors and it does have 4 in down tube with 5 in straight exhaust but I really need to do a fuel pump soon side note had tranny checked it had been rebuilt some time and has a shift kit nothing else is known thanks in advance sorry about the long post
  9. I was wondering what you guys thought about the new quick connect system? It looks like the push lock system is a better deal. Also wondered what thoughts were on hooking the power to alternator or battery? Over all looks like a great system.
  10. Help ......ok heres whats going on need to fix my parking brake and fast have a vehicle safety inspection comeing up on next thursday ......gotta have a working parking brake .....i remember reading somewhere ..sometime that the stock parking brake was very weak at best on these trucks ....there was a way to make them stronger had something to do with turning the big spring in an opposite direction and welding a bolt in somewhere ..or something like that .....any one have any info on this? .....also any one have any helpful hints on installing a new raptor lift pump i just got mine in the mail today with the new 1/2 inch lines with quick connect fittings....thanks in advance folks.
  11. Just got this truck 3 weeks ago.....lift pump wasn't working....I never checked to see if it was getting power or anything.I just bought a new raptor and spent the last 2 days putting it in......changed the fuel filter and bumped the starter to try and prime the filter and I dont hear a thing. It looks like the new pump aint working neither....I swapped relays with the fog lamps and still nothin.....not sure what to do.....What fuse would this be on?:banghead: 99, 24v,automatic --- Update to the previous post... I am absolutely terrible at trying to figure out wiring issues.
  12. Ok so i have a problem with my raptor fuel pump.I've had it for about a year and when i got it i got 3/8 lines. and i would see about a 5-7 psi drop with ds2.Now i just upgraded to all 1/2 lines including from ff to ip and a draw straw 5 and at 30psi fp i can get it down to about 4.(I know 30 is high but i set it there to see how low i could get it with out running to 0)I replaced the ff and checked/tightened all fittings.What could it be?Its driving me crazy.The only thing i can possibly think it could be is the "Straw" at the bottom of the module. When i installed it it seemed like it was a little close to the bottom with not much of a "Slash cut" to it.Could that being so close to the bottom of the tank cause the good fp at idle and the giant decrease at WOT.Idle pressure is 30 Cruising is 23ishWOT Level 10 on ADREN is about 4-5psi.Any help would be great.
  13. Last night i install a fuel psi sending unit in my vp44 at the check valve, i remove it from the vp and installed a banjo bolt then the psi snubber, then the sending unit. When i went to start it, i bleed air at sending unit to get it to start, then back up parked until the morning to finish the inside stuff then. Once i was finish it would not start. bleed again, but did'nt get any fuel. remove banjo at back of filter and i did the crank-no-start thing for the pump to start and it was but nothing coming out of the banjo at all. Was on a slope driveway and I had 1/4 tank of fuel, went and got 5 more gallons, still nothing. I then went and fired up the air compressor to put some psi into the tank, then i got fuel all the way to the vp44 when everything was put back together. The thing is, it was running find until i started to put in the gauge. I was in battle with myself the the wife on which one first, Gauges or the lift pump, now i think i have to tell both , not in the budget. Am i missing something:cookoo:?
  14. got my raptor 95 installed today took about 8 hrs most time spent on geting stock line of fuel tank and disconecting old pump, arms to big to get in there after over an hour of working on it my son came out with his skinner arms and got it off in about 2 minutes, but the pumps working good 18 lbs at idle and 15 lbs excelerating my old pump was goining bad so im a happy camper now. should be in 2nd gen. thread sorry.
  15. haha.....so i went to change the fuel filter yesterday, took it out, changed the filter, drained the can(first time i've ever done that), put the filter in, and did the starter bump thing...the truck ran for 30 seconds, then died, so i bumped the starter a few times so the pump could cycle....after about 6 times of that, i opened the can to see if it actually was working....and of course it wasn't........ so long story short, i went to o'reilly's, got the Air Tex stock replacement and am waitin on reinforcements to show up to help me R&I..... now for the point of why i think so many of y'all gave up on CF...here's my thread over there http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5-02-powertrain/236254-f-m-l.html it's guys like black01 that makes folks leave........
  16. EDIT, I thought I had a AD-100 when in fact I have a Raptor pump unit. Believe its pretty much the same except without the filters. Have changed the thread title to reflect this. ~~~~Installed an Air Dog 100 on my truck last weekend and while its running, its not running right. Am not at all experienced with diesels (am a airplane mechanic) so wanted to post here to see if there is something that I have missed.The pump "seems" to be working fine. I say seems as three times now its "hiccup'ed" on me. Driving normally (not WOT) at about 40 mph or so the fuel pressure dropped from normal levels to 7-8 psi, activating the alarm on my Edge Attitude display. No difference in the way it drove, just lost almost all the fuel pressure. Ok, so I just increased the pressure a bit on the pump (was steady at 14 psi out of the box) to about 20. Well when I did this the damm truck would not start. Have now dropped it back to 16-17 or so and hope that it will start and not do this. I have checked the wiring and its all fine, so do not know what in the world is going on here but am concerned that the pump or motor is going South.A follow up. Adjusted the pressure down to about 17 yesterday trying to get the "hard to start" issue taken care of. Had heard that fuel pressures around 20 or so can make the truck hard to start.Just drove the truck to the store and back. Its getting worse and worse than it ever was. With the stock LP the pressure would stay at 10-12 psi most of the time. At WOT it would sometimes go to 7-8 psi, so I felt that it was time to be replaced to save the VP-44. As well it would ALWAYS start on the first hit of the starter, always.The new AirDog pump on the drive today started off fair, with its taking a bit of cranking to start. Pressure came right up to 16 psi. Drove to the market, about 2.5 miles. Along the way driving at a steady 40 mph the pressure started fluctuating, from 16 down to 7 psi, at an even throttle setting. Came out of the market and it took over 5 minutes of cranking to get the puppy started. Pressure was at 16 at first then dropped down to 10 or so during cranking. The stock LP never did this.Finally got it started and went to the post office. Inside 3 minutes and same thing but got it started faster by moving the throttle back and forth. Once it started the pressure started doing the same thing, going up and down from 16 to 7 psi, and this was at idle under no load. Before you ask, voltage was a steady 13.7. Nothing at all has been changed on the truck other than the AD-100 pump.Hope someone has some ideas on this!Thx,Joe
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