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3 Day Trip to St. Maries, ID and back again.

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Well Gang...


I broke out of the house hitch up the RV and hauled to St. Maries and back again. Little bit of adventuring and enjoying the travelling and seeing different things. The entire trip was done boondocking style no RV parks and no hook ups. The first night we found our home just about 15 miles south of St. Maries on Highway 3.




The first thing that was brought to my attention is I lost a house battery after almost 6 years. The power just wasn't lasting as long as it should and dipping low enough to trip the fridge DC LO warning. So stopped in St. Maries and had the batteries load tested 1 failed. So not going to argue about it just replace both. I have no idea of the usage of the batteries that came with the RV. So we continued on and wondered the back roads like Highway 3 ,6 ,8 and a few others. On the second day we wondered back to Twin Bridges just south of Whitebird, ID and camped. Now that was a hot spot to be 9pm at night and the temp was still 90*F outside.




Good ol' MoparMom was to busy making the dinner salad with her home grown tomatoes to even smile for the camera. Nice to have 120 VAC power without the noise of generator and watch a few DVD movies at night.




So we slept with the door open and about 2am I woke up to close the door. Talk about dark out. Beautiful to look up and see the dim light from the stars in the havens above. So this morning we got up had coffee and packed the last little bit home. But we are both sold more so on the boondocking and realize we need to some of the gear we have on board the RV for this kind of camping. Second night was much better power wise with fresh batteries. Now this morning I find that there is a propane soot smell in the air and now need to look at the burner tube for the fridge. Most likely got a spider nest or something going on.

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