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Installed New Exhaust

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While bleeding my rear brakes in the spring I noticed that the back of my muffler had rusted out and the section of pipe going over the axle was dangling by the hangers. 


I bought a 4" Diamond Eye w/no muffler and a FTE 4"X30" Resonator.  I also bought a few preformed band clamps from FTE, I wasn't sure how many I would need, I ordered 8.


The old system came out easy, I sprayed the bolts securing the downpipe to the turbo with PB Blaster  a couple of times before starting the install. And I had no problem getting them out. 


The exhaust kit was great, all of the hangers in the kit were correct.  The resonator does come with band clamps on each side, I didn't realize this, but I am glad it did or I would have been short.  It took 2 hours to install and it sounds great

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