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Need A/C Help. Fixed!

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A little over a year ago I posted a thread seeking help on my A/C. You can view it here: http://forum.mopar1973man.com/index.php?/topic/8324-need-ac-help/


It has since been archived, but I'll give you the background to it here to save you some reading.


The problem:(taken from the original post):

"Most of the time (95%), my A/C just blows hot air regardless of where the temperature control knob is. If I have been driving for a while, especially on the highway, the A/C might start blowing nice cold air. I never get too excited because soon after that, I will hear a single pop noise under the hood and the air gets hot again. This pop noise (thud or thump might be more accurate) usually occurs when I am slowing down. I'm not sure if that is just coincidence, though. I know nothing about a/c systems, but it is killing me not even knowing what is causing this."


Recommendations from some forum members: Check the hi/lo pressures with some manifold guages.


Sure enough I needed to recharge the system, but I got lucky for about 2 days and the same problem came back. Shame on me for not reporting back to the forum, but soon after that my 2014 year sort of became a roller coaster of events and the A/C fix needed to be put on hold as well as participation on the forums on the interwebs. Well, a year and some change later, I decided it was time to fix. I started to diagnose a little more. When I turned the temp control from cold to hot (on MAX A/C), it would go hot and not back to cold. So, I my first thought was that I needed to replace the blend door.


So, the solution to my problems? A $17 part :thumb1: ; Blend Door Spacer Servo p/n 5012923AB. I read about it in cumminsforum and ordered the part. I figured, it is worth a try to $17. Sure enough when I pulled the servo out, it was cracked.




Procedure: Getting the blend door motor out is kind of a pain in the rear. There are two phillips head screws holding it in place. One is super easy to get to and the other is not so easy (well for me at least). I ended up cutting some of the rubber mat and padding away to allow enough room to get in there with a phillips head but and small pliers :lmao2: A right angle phillips head would've done the job, but I didn't have one around so I used what I had.


Here you can see the blend door motor removed and the mat/foam cut away. That piece sticking up in the middle is where the Servo Spacer sits.


Once the blend door motor has been removed from the mounts, You'll need to reach up where the motor was and remove the spacer.


The whole job took about 45 minutes and 40 of those minutes was me fighting to get that second phillips screw out!


I hope this helps someone. I'm happy to report ice cold A/C, no more thump sound then heat, and temp control works again.

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 Blend Door Spacer Servo p/n 5012923AB.

Is this the same part # for a 2001?

Think this may be my problem.


I am pretty sure it is the same part, but you can always call your local dodge parts dept and double check.



I used a part from theses folks https://heatertreater.net/. I dont know how the 2 compare.


Dang, I wish I would've known about that one. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before the plastic piece breaks again. I'll probably go the heater treater route next time.

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