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Wheel maintenance?

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So I picked up a set of Ford Alcoa wheels recently and overall I'd say they are in nice shape. Clear coat is nice and no big scratches. They aren't perfect though and have a few spots where the white corrosion is coming through. I don't really want to strip the wheels completely right now so I'm looking to spot treat these areas to prevent it from spreading.

So what to do? My thoughts were to wet sand these spots out with real fine steel wool and seal them. Not real sure what to seal them with or if there's a better process. I know there's plenty of neat freaks on here that know a thing or two about keeping things shiny.


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I have three sets of those. They are the real McCoy when talking about an aluminum Alcoa wheel. I have never dealt with the white rash before as I have very little of it. I understand it is caused by a chem reaction from the outside lead weights. So tell the wheel balancer to only use weights on the inside sides or only the stick on weights for inside the rim, have them cleaned with brake clean to stick well.

They are the strongest 16 inch rim. Stronger than steel and are still available at a cost of almost 300 bucks each brand new. A good deal when I typically find them for around 200 for nice set of 4. Not perfect but still nice. Also the Dodge/ Chrysler center caps will still fit.

Alcoa says to use only stainless steel high pressure stems to stop corrosion and to clean the mounting face once in awhile, because of corrosion when mounted to the steel hub. Also they say the lug torque is around 110 -120 ft. pounds.

Cleaning the mounting face helps keep the torque setting tight for the long haul.

Sorry I can't help with the refinishing aspect. Unlike a cast aluminum wheel, because they are forged, (very expensive process), they have a nicer color. After awhile you get so you can recognize Alcoas distinctive look.

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