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What Sensors to put in 47RE

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OK so I've tested my alternator and its VAC is .02. I cleaned my terminals and it stopped my TC issues. But my shifting is still not right. It does this in every gear. It goes to shift, the RPMs drop about 200RPMs but goes back into previous gear. I will stay on the pedal (just casual driving keeping RPMs low) and once I gain 2-3 more MPH it will shift just fine. It only does it once before each gear but It does it in every gear. If I floor it, it will shift just fine through all the gears. The 47RE was rebuilt at 80K. Built with a HD TC. It has 147K right now. I don't believe the bands have been adjusted since being rebuilt. I have the paperwork from the previous owner to prove it was built. But my reverse is also slipping when backing up a slight incline (all this is without a load). Also If I release a little on the pedal it will help it to shift. I think my problem is with the pressure sensor/governor and/or speed sensor. I plan on replacing these 2 sensors but was wondering which sensors I should buy. Not looking for cheap ones as I only wish to do this job once. Also if there is anything else that could cause this issue that I may be over looking, I am all ears to your suggestions.  


Extra info: My tranny was doing the OD hunting between 45-50. Once I cleaned my terminals it stopped this issue. But I still have the other issues.


2002 5.9L 4x4

150 PSI Injectors

150 GPH FASS Lift Pump

5x5 Comp Tuner

Oversized Intake

4in Exhaust

BD Super B Turbo

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