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Just to give you all an idea of how the activity streams work. Most of you already use it to see what is new post wise. Another way to see what you've done over time. Go to your profile or any other member. In the lower right of the header banner of the member, there is a button "See my activity". Click this. This will now shrink up the graphic a bit and then display the activity stream for that member. On the left side is all the different activities the member has done. You can look at posts, articles, downloads, product reviews, vehicles in the garage, etc. This gives a better view of all the different thing you have contributed to the site.

Time for some of the member pool to start showing off their efforts...

As always if there are issues please post a support ticket. On of the staff will get it ASAP. The only thing right now is restricted in the "Beta" Articles for the time being.

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