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an unorganized rant.

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so i finally decided to upgrade to Mint 17.3.

i do like it. 90 98%. all went smooth. but i now have a complaint that i can't find the answer to...

the top of a window. the title bar maybe. it's green. i want it blue. there is NO option to change it to anything other then green, silver.  i'v install about every theme i can find. still not happy. that's my one complaint thus far.

it's faster. boots in a few seconds. 5 i think. and why can't there be a drive tool like in windows home server. i could add a 1 tb drive to it and have it added to a certain partition. like d was 5 gb then add the other HD and add it['s free space to the D for more room.

i found a work around using symlinks. but still not optimal.

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FIXED IT!!!! i'm so happy. but i hate meddling in code.

anyone ever use Enlightnment as a window manager.

i was compiling Handbrake from source last night. it take a while but SURE is faster.

i'm going to look into add some different window managers. i really enjoy Cinnamon. but might as well see what i might like as well. 

Screenshot from 2015-12-23 19:49:20.png

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