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Billavista & other good reference material

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59 minutes ago, TFaoro said:

Article with general reference material?

Not a bad thought.  Article with links to some of the more solid online stuff.

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Excellent series done by an old retired machinist and shop teacher.  

Machine Shop Tips.  Taps, tapping, threads, how to PROPERLY use a file, all you ever wanted to know about drill bits, how to properly use a helicoil,  etc. 

Whole playlist



Files, for example. 






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On 1/5/2016 at 9:12 PM, CSM said:

Consider this a good tech reference, I have found it really useful for some of the odder items that I have needed to find over the years for different projects and whatnot.  Not really directly Cummins or Ram related, but great stuff anyway.  

Billavista is a wizard from Canada and RCAF officer who has spent the past 20 years or so posting this stuff on Pirate4x4. Now, he has his own site.  Below are my favorite and most useful articles that you guys might like to peruse. 

When the guy says Bible, he means it.  His articles are very very through and have lots of great pictures.  

Gear Setup Bible  http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Gear_Setup_Bible/index.html

Automotive Plumbing and Fittings Bible http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Automotive_Plumbing_Bible/index.html

Brake Bible http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Brake_Bible/index.html

Steel and Materials Bible for fabricators http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Steel_and_Materials_Strength_Bible/index.html

Recovery Bible (if you're stuck) http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Recovery_Bible/index.html

Dana 60 Front Axle tech http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Dana_60_Front_Axles_by_BOM_Number/index.html

Dana 70 Rear Axle Tech http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Dana_70_Rear_Axle/index.html

Also, tech pdf index http://www.billavista.com/tech/PDF_Index/index.html

I love you man icon_smile_kisses.gif.c29fcb9edb1142c8d1


No homo smiley_abused.gif.b621b1fef207f4ba1f1042

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Everything you need to know about drill bits, ever. 









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