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2nd Gen Ignition Switch Replacement

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Ok Gang...

I'm going to produce a write-up on how to replace an ignition switch and lock assembly for a 2nd Gen truck. More to follow soon. What happen was I took the 96 Dodge into town and load it with fuel brought it back home. Put it away. Later on realized I needed to bring in firewood for the night. So I went out fire up the truck and backed into the wood shed and shut it down. Loaded up with wood in the bed and tailgate. Hopped back in the driver seat turn the key and shock to feel the ignition switch snap internal and the key rolled over without resistance. No ignition, no start. I played with it for quite a little bit and figured out if I pressed the key inward just a bit I could get the ignition turned on. Now I pulled the start relay and jumped between 30 and 87 and got it started. Got the firewood move to the main house and unloaded. Pulled in the garage and shut it down. I can tell you the mechanical part is functional because the key unlocks the steering wheel but doesn't turn the switch for power or start.






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Well I made a few mistakes. But still come to find out I need the lock too. Basically you need a T20 Torx screwdriver. Remove the 3 screws in the bottom of the column. Remove the tilt steering release knob. Remove both plastic covers.



My screw up was I misplaced my security bits and found later after doing this next step. I took a center punch and broke the security pins out of the center of the Torx screws. So you need either a T20 security bit or take a center punch and break the center pins out.


So what you need to do is remove the locking screw from the switch.


My misfortune is that the lock assembly is also damaged. So I've made a phone call to the local NAPA store to find out the lock is $85 bucks. None in stock. So I found the lock cylinder on RockAuto.Com for $34 shipped.



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Can you reused the key cylinder or are going to have use a new key? The wife's Saturn lock went out and we replaced with a cylinder keyed the same as the old lock. 

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