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78 pw with 12 valve help on buying

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 I need help figuring out if this is a good purchase and if the problem is just fuel related such as a filter air in the lines so on and so forth. l'm looking @ a 78 power wagon...Now all of this is copied & pasted I have a 99 cummins long bed clubcab 4x4 that was in a small wreck just needs body parts already did everything else.But I was getting ready to buy a newer cummins but saw this & thought hey I could buy this fix my truck,put a trans in my race car & buy us a regular car...a hemi charger I've been looking@ and have a back up truck as nothing sucks worse than not having a truck when your's needs fixing.I really want a p pumped 12 valve with a manual.I just missed out on a 12 valve reg cab 4x4 5 speed for 2500 as my ride couldn't get me there till the next day&ofcourse it was gone 1 owner farmers truck.Well  please excuse all of the typos and the clutter everything that I am about to post is copied from wHat He told me .Has a 12valve rotary pump cummins stuffed in it has the 518 overdrive trans and 205 tcase the axles were swapped as well 60 front 70 rear runs and drives every gauge in the truck is autometer .

 It has a intercooler on it now from a 91 it is a non I/c motor meaning it has the 9mm injector nozzles instead of the 7mm nozzles that the 90.5-93 have



No it does have the grid heater I think the mechanical lift pump my be getting weak it will fire and run for a few seconds then dies and that's it  runs good above 35 degrees.

I know when it's fourty or above it lights right off as soon as you breath on the key but if it idles a lil bit it will fuel haze

No I don't but with they way it starts I don't thinks it's low compression you just breath on the key it's running and it will start when it's cold for a couple seconds then just looses rpm like it's running out of fuel and dies I took a video of it and of it starting if you would like me to send it

It ran today for half hour to hour it does smoke when you first fire it up and if it idles for awhile. I Could jump in it & run 100 miles today only does that run out of fuel when it's below 30 degrees

 3000obo flatbed xd wheels with a flatbed & has a 4 inch lift kit that comes with it.

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Cobbled up it sounds like. Grid heater delete is going to make it hard starting and keeping it running. Fuel pressure is fairly low in the 1st gens like about 6-7 PSI tops. I know Cowboy should be in later tonight and give some more feedback on this.

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