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We seem to made it through the "Worm Hole" to the other side but took a bit of damage along the way. The site URL's are not rewriting properly.  So The site is in limp mode the time till support catches up.

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Ok Gang...

I got everything nailed down for the most part. The forum moved without issues. As for the changes between the old article database and the new there is no real way to patch across without doing a 301 redirect for each and every page in the old database. So there will be a lot of "404 pages" popping up till Google catches up with indexing.

As for security take notice the site is now secured and encrypted. This should make purchases and donations more secure on the site. Also login and transferring private information is now secure. The only time this breaks is if a person links to a non-secure page or pictures on another site. So majority of the site now is secure. This will give SEO bonus for having the SSL certificate. :gun:

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6 minutes ago, dripley said:

Now I know why it was acting peculiar this morning.

That was my stupidity. I'm sorry....

I was paying attention to what Invision Power Board told me on the address. The new address according to IPB is suppose to be mopar1973man.com/forums so I left the folder "forum" on the server so every time I surfed the site it would crash with a 404 code but I was looking at "mopar1973man.com/forum" so that folder was empty and the 404 error kept popping. I should of caught that but I didn't.  :doh:

Then later on it clicked and I redid the folder structure a bit differently then the problem disappeared.

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Now I'm impatiently waiting to see Google Webmaster start collecting data on search engine indexing and results. I'm sure we are going to see a down turn in the article side because of the huge change in URL structure. As for the forum the links are solid and I've tested from other sites and devices forum wise we are good. Articl wise I'm just have to go to work posting new links.

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