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1998 24v cummins transmission issues

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Hello, first post on here hoping I can figure out my issues with my 98 24v cummins, occasionally my truck upon start up with stick in either 2 or 3rd gear not sure which one upon putting it in drive, truck will not upshift or downshift until I put it in park turn it off then restart the truck then it will be fine start first gear shift through all the gears and go into overdrive, I pulled 2 codes scanning it with my tuner, P0753, P0748 AND P0743 this problem comes and goes but it always resolved with turning the truck off and restarting making me lean towards and electrical program rather than hardware issue, if anyone can help fix this greatly appreciated!!

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I haven't seen your issue.  For starters, here is the TSB on the codes in detail.







In my experience with these trucks there are three "easy" possible problems that cause weird electrical problems.  

  1. Your alternator is putting out enough AC due to a bad rectifier to cause bad signals.  This has or is killing your sensors, PCM and ECM if this is the case and needs checked.  There is an article about testing the alternator as well. 
  2. Bad batteries.  If your batteries are off, you could see some weird things.  If you replace one, replace both.  
  3. Bad or intermittent grounds.  

After these three, it starts to get more involved.  I would check the TSB and alternator articles, see if you have good voltage on the batteries individually with cables disconnected, and then start running through the TSB stuff. 

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