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Washers as Injector Shims

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About a year ago I bought a bunch of washers that would be about the right size for shims.  Then after doing research about it decided not to run them as people were saying they weren't hard enough steel.

Fast forward to about a month ago when I ordered new injectors, I bought some shims about the same time, but there were some complications with the wrong ones being sent, which I found out after having the injectors on the bench...  So thinking back to the washers, I decided to try it.

I wrote down the exact pressures I set each one to, aaannnnnddddd temporarily misplaced it, but they were all 320 bar +/- 3 bar.  I put the higher pop ones on the outside cylinders and the lower in the center.  I put a couple hundred miles on them, enough to know I didn't like that particular pop pressure setting.  So I took them all out and here's where they popped at.

  1. 321
  2. 319
  3. 312
  4. 318
  5. 324
  6. 316

These are also brand new nozzles, so you can expect the pressures to drop slightly as everything seats together.  Overall I was happy with it, while I probably won't be using them again for peace of mind, if someone's in a pinch then I say go for it.  

Another thing I might add, the shims I got were from a reputable shop.  It was an assortment of different thicknesses, while most the shims were definitely genuine shims, there were two sizes that looked like washers.  The difference being shims are very square looking, having sharp corners, and washers have more rounded corners.  Generally speaking, shims will be made out of a stronger steel less prone to dis-forming.

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