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Who is Big Bang Injection ?
New information recently released !
Big Bang Injection (BBi ) is an Austrian company that was founded in 2012.
What started as a part time venture, evolved into a full time enterprise manufacturing High Performance Common Rail Injectors.
We, the owners of Big Bang Injection (Martin Schöppl and Jürgen Tanzer), bring to the table a combined 25 years of HANDS ON Common Rail Injector experience.
We both parted ways with our full time employer Robert Bosch GmbH on January 31st 2016.
Our departure allows the release of information regarding our experience which has previously been kept under a cloak of secrecy, required by contractual restrictions with our former employer.
We were employed at the Robert Bosch GmbH Common Rail Injector Lead Development Facility for commercial vehicles, located in Linz, Austria.
Lead Development Facility. This is where the magic happens. Design, development, proto typing, assembly, testing….
This link will provide the details for you:     http://smartyresource.com/downloads/BBI_Introduction.pdf
Thank you!

For some reason the link in the above post doesn't work from here. Try this instead!


Thank you!





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