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Hey all,


I have found that the deeper I delve into this site and others I learn just enough to get me into trouble, and then dig even deeper to find a fix.

My question is, what problems might you suspect if you: A) let batteries die, or B) took APPS off to test, and then did not do a reset of the APPS?

I ask because I have done both without resetting, and had started getting issues related to one of our favorites: Tourque converter lockup. I have done the reset now and SEEM to have solved the issue... At least for now, we will see if it comes back. As far as the alternator, I do not currently have a voltmeter in the proper range to test for AC noise. So I took alternator to get bench checked and it checked "good" with an AC ripple of .45V. I asked them to test two new alternators out of the box with similar readings in the .4V range. I read a good article here that said the tester's internal components can provide some of that effect as well so I'm not yet convinced mine is bad as I have not been able to test it as recommended here. Any and all advice/ideas are more then welcome. I come back to this site time and time again for the superb articles and experts weighing in with their two cents. Thank you all!


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If the batteries die, it is recommended to do an apps reset. However, in my own experience there have been times where they have died or been unplugged and did not get a dead pedal. If you get dead pedal, then it needs to be recalibrated. If you don't then I would say you are alright at the moment. Is your torque converter locking/unlocking? Just "Torque converter lockup" isn't really explaining what all the problem is and what the symptoms are.

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I am very sorry for the slow response, I am in the process of moving and have a whole lot going on. Yes, the torque converter was locking at speeds in the 45-55 range, and it still does it in that range VERY intermittently. I am chasing more then one issue, however, and can't figure out if they are related or separate. I put Vulcan's two filter system on the truck, as well as half inch lines, and every morning I am having to prime the fuel system before starting. Even when I do that, however, I pull out of the driveway and immediately get a dead pedal. I don't get white smoke from tailpipe, but instead slowly increase speed until it finally gets enough speed to want to shift, and will finally respond as normal. I get a 216 code following this. For the rest of the day, I will not have any other issues, (except for the very occasional dead pedal in the 45-55 mph range) but again, because of this issue with start up at the beginning of the day, I'm hard pressed to blame it on the alternator APPS etc. I can't find any leaks in the fuel system, and am not willing to tighten any lines tighter then they already are, as they are torqued quite tight and don't want to crush washers, etc. Not sure where to go from here. The VP44 is 9 months old, as is the raptor lift pump. The filters are just a few weeks old. I did take out the stock filter bowl altogether, the heating element wouldn't send a signal to prevent normal drive conditions because its not plugged in, would it? Any other help is always greatly appreciated.

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  • Administrator
On 5/25/2016 at 2:00 PM, Austin said:

Yes, the torque converter was locking at speeds in the 45-55 range, and it still does it in that range VERY intermittently.


Torque converter lockup issues is a alternator problem. Most likely what killed the last VP44.

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