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changing email provider ??


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short version...  I am   bailing on  my  hughes.net  email address.      Have my   new  gmail  all set up,  and  have  imported mail  from the  hughes.net.   That part seems  to work fine.


I  can't seem to get the  export of either 'all email contacts'..(history)  which is  only  201 separate  addresses,  or our   official  contact list of  about  30.  

gmail 'help'  seems to think  the  csv file transfer   should work,  but I can't seem to   'grab'  those  particular lists  to  add to a  csv file.   

I went into   hughes.net   customer service 'help'..  and     most info there  was basically  from the gmail help site!    Even using 'that' help didn't  get me too far on   creating a file  from  the  hughes  contact/address  list. 

I'd like to send a  batch email to all my  contacts  stating  a  new address,   and  I'm told  that I can leave a  sig on all remaining sent emails  from hughes  of  my impending  change.    Plus   I'm also told  I  should be able to  have a  'non reply' message  that  returns  mail  with a message (used mainly for 'on-vacation' alerts)   stating of  new address to reply to.

Hughes  says  they keep the  account open for  45 days after  service termination.


manually typing in the  30 or so contacts  wouldn't be too difficult,  but those  200 or so  might be  a lot easier if there was  a tool to do so!

any  thoughts? Thanks!


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