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Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

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I think also you hitting the limitations of the Smarty S-03 and its lack of adjustments to meet your needs. Kind of like playing between Edge Comp and Quadzilla Adrenaline as I am right now. Edge Comp does good but its lacking adjustments for good clean tuning abilities. Like it would be like comparing Smarty S-03 and Smarty UDC Pro. Sad to say there is a point when you have to admit defeat and upgrade to a better solution. You can take your knowledge with you now when you upgrade and be able to meet the needed requires for your truck.

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It's not so much even that, more so that if you can't reproduce the situtation each time exactly the results will be VERY confusing.  "spool" etc cannot be reported on without datalogging to show similar conditions. the butt dyno is nearly always a liar. 

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6 hours ago, Me78569 said:

are you %100 sure your testing method is the same between all levels?  IE are you using the same throttle input in each test for hte same conditions?  


I know when I was running datalogs it was VERY hard to reproduce the tps movement needed without having the tps logging going on.  The amount of TPS input I was using each time differed because the reaction from the truck was different.  I had to ignore my instinct to drive based on habit and drive purely off of watching my screen to try and match tps input.  



Unless you are logging TPS input on each test I cannot say your testing is valid in terms of what the end result is.   I say this because I struggled VERY hard with this even when watching the Quad screen.   If you are not reproducing the TPS input within 3-5% each time the end result will be different.  


See that is the hard part, because I don't know how close I was. I was trying to place the throttle in the same positions to get similar acceleration on some tests, and my concerns were smoke control and how aggressive the timing was, which is what lead to the discovery about this so called negative torque. Because the goal of the study was to understand the effects of the settings and how they effect tuning, so that people who buy these programmers can have a good understanding of the effects. like how duration effects passing power, and TM is off idle smoke control. But turn TM to 6, and D1 you can roll coal everywhere, and Visa Versa with TM1 and D6. but changing them in unison seems to be most effective at controlling smoke.


I know that the truck had **** performance between 1,200 and 1,800rpm with SW9 T4. When talking with @Mopar1973Man about it he though it could possibility be negative torque, from to much timing. But as we can see from the data logging that is not the case. Unless (like my theory is), that with SW('s throttle input added in with T4's locking the timing so much sooner then say T2, that it may be locking the timing like a PPUMP, and this runs like crap at an rpm where it can't overcome the poor timing(by locking at 18.02 way to soon)

Because my truck will be super aggressive on SW5 T4, and as smoke free as SW9 with T2.  But running T2 I notice egt's are higher and stay higher then when i switch to T3, (and this is on SW9).

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49 minutes ago, pepsi71ocean said:


See that is the hard part, because I don't know how close I was. I was trying to place the throttle in the same positions to get similar acceleration on some tests, and my concerns were smoke control 

I think this is a large part of the issue.  a %5 throttle change at cruise then moving to passing would result in a starting timing position of 19* vs 16* .  If you cannot repeat the same process exactly your results are going to differ greatly. from level to level.    


IE: 65 mph,  sw5 resulted in 15% tps to move down the road, which resulted in 18* of timing,  sw9 resulted in %9 tps input to move down the road, which resulted in 16* of timing at cruise state.  Now if I put a load on the truck ( climbing a hill) and I could increase tps on sw9 to match the %15 that I was using on sw5, then timing was back up to 18* of timing.    The truck drove way different on sw9 vs sw5, but the timing at a given throttle position vs load was the same,  issue is you could not replicate the same conditions without watching a screen.


So even a minor adjustment in throttle position will result in signficant difference in Timing.   



You need to match conditions %100 on each test. if you don't do that then you really can't figure out what is going on with things. 


Driving in a style to prevent smoke results in scewed testing as well.  your reaction when you see smoke is to pull out of the throttle which results in a completely useless compare.  

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