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Wiring connection question

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Wire connection questions


  I have to mess around behind "A" pillar.  Mostly small 18-22 gauge wire looks to me.    Solder, shrink tube, dinky wire nuts, etc... What do you prefer to be the best connection as a general rule?  


(Bonus question...)  On this forum where should postings go that are general in nature?



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Solder and shrink tube is the strongest and cleanest connection that will last.



You can use the butt connectors that all ready have solder in them with a heat shrink wrap.  This is one type.↓

images[1] (2).jpg


Answer to bonus question

Read what's under the forum headings and see if it fits.  If it's to far off the mark someone will move it. No worries.   


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I agree with IBMobile.  In that picture the guy was IMO a little skimpy with the heat shrink, I like to use a little more just to help support the joint and prevent it from breaking due to vibration.  


If you are unfamilular with the procces, check out youtube for some how-to videos, and practice on a couple joints ahead of time.  


Here's a good video.


That gentleman didn't "tin" the wires first, I like this method if I'm working on something where I can hold the wires perfectly still in a vice or something, which allows me to hold the solding iron in one hand and the solder with the other.  The advantage of tinning the wires (to put solder on the individual wires before joining them) is it frees up a hand to be able to hold wires or what not. 


Also, once your done soldering, make sure there are no sharp peaks or strands sticking out that can put a hole in the heat shrink.  If you have a peak caused by the solder, you can run the soldering iron over top of it really quick smooth it out.


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