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Hey guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome...I'm out on a business trip hence, I've not been able to respond.

i attempted to fill out my signature however; I messed up and couldn't remove the oversized photo and kept making additional errors until I ran out of time.

When I get home Friday I'll correct the buffoonery and show my truck.

Mike, I was an avid member withTDR and made small contributions to the intellectual subject matter several years back and I believe we spoke on the phone once regarding ecm aspects but, it was some time ago.

BTW...I should have joined many months ago but, when I saw the restocked high idle kits back in stock and knew I have up coming vacation time to tinker with my truck and the deal of getting a membership with an order I couldn't pass that up!

Anyway...sorry for the delay and I'd better get back to the task at hand...I will continue to annoy all of you later?



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