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blowing fuses.

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so i can't for the life of me find out why im popping fuses in my TT.

it's odd. it's the main power fuse, only a 30 amp... seems light to me. but when it pops there in no lights, no radio, the trailer is dead unless plugged in or generator running. no battery operated things work.

i've traced wires no shorts.

it pops sometime after i start the generator to charge the batteries. when i shut the generator off, the trailer is dead, i replace that fuse. all is fine again...

and it's only when i start the gen from inside, if i use the button on the gen it's self it doesn't pop the fuse.

and the wire seems oddly small for being the main power for the whole trailer, i'm guessing here, maybe 8-10 ga. wire.

if that's the case where the heck do the 4 and 2 gauge wires go that also come off the batteries.

i'll take pics when it stops snowing.

the whole reason for asking is we warm up the trailer for the wife to wrap/store presents in.


thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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no because i can up the switch to start the generator back up... and all is fine again.. like i said it's odd... i need to see what this one wire has to do with the whole thing... it being such a light gauge wire as well.. maybe install some breakers.

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10 gauge wire is good for a 30 amp 110 volt circuit.  Those 2-4 gauge wires coming off the battery could be used for an inverter.  Popping the fuse indicates an over load on the circuit or a short to ground.  If all electrical systems are turned off then then you start it, I think you may have a shorted start circuit.  

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ok so i've been doing some testing. of sorts. when the fuse pops everything inside is dead. I can NOT re start the gen from inside as i said before. i can go outside and start it on the gen it's self, and raise and lower the jacks.

the only draw on the batteries would be either the 2 lights that were on inside, and or me pressing the start button. so maybe they run the start circuit through the switch instead of a solenoid.

we just received 12" of snow today, and luckily the presents are all wrapped.

this is a problem i'll have to tackle in the spring.

thank you for the ideas,

i'd also like to find a way to wire in an inverter someday so i don't have to run the gen to have AC power.

what's even stranger, is i can crank and crank on the gen when it's cold and it never pops the fuse, it only pops after it's started.... so maybe it's recharging the batteries at to high a rate?

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