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Cowboys AMD-A8 2.0

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Howdy once again guys.


2 years ago y'all convinced me to build my own PC instead of buying one.  And for that I am ever so grateful.  It's been a great experience. 


Just to go over the specs:

AMD-A8 6600k 

MSI A78-E35

Asus GT-630

G.Skill Ares 2x4gb

Corsiar 200R


Thermaltake TR2 500W


Overall it was an awesome rig that ran well.  I did everything I wanted and more.  I was playing around with operating systems, so ended up throwing a SSD in there as an OS drive, and in the hopes of making it slightly quieter, I got a CM 212 EVO for it, but it turns out it's the PSU making all the noise.  Then before long the HDD started filling up, so I through another 2TB drive in as well.  I also gave it a mild FSB overclock, so it ran at 4.4Ghz.  That's how it sat for well over a year.  But then I got into more video editing, and switched from Windows Movie Maker which the computer totally dominated, to Hitfilm which struggled with two tracks of 1080 going.  I read that Hitfilm really likes it's GPU so first I overclocked my little GT 630, to were in benchmarks it performed better than a GT 640, and being passive cooled I was able to mount a fan under it and keep the temps under 50°C with ease, it helped a little, but not a whole lot, so I picked up an old GTX 660 used, and through that in there, but there wasn't much difference.  So I played around more with overclocking the CPU again and got it up to 4.7Ghz, which helped, but wasn't the be all end of of fixes.  There wasn't much for upgrades for my socket, so I just stuck with it.


Now during this time, my old XP laptop was being used as the family PC.  And during this time of year, it gets used a lot for craigslist listings and the pictures/emails that get associated with them.  So I had an idea!  Being under time constraints, I built this!





It's a Dell Dimension 2300, with windows XP rocking a Pentium 4 @ 1.8Ghz.  errrrrrr, at least it was!


NOW it's rocking a AMD-A8 6600K and GT 630 and Windows 10 (I know I know, once a quad colored flag, always a quad colored flag).



 I've since put a 120mm fan in the front, and made a splitter for the Mobo fan connector to be able to adjust them all as needed.  For which I use speedfan which is an awesome piece of software.  If the case temp is below 32°C, the fans turn off completely.


With this arrangement, my beast didn't have a PSU, MOBO or CPU...  We'll continue this later as I'm out of time.  Curse you free-time stealing goat scum!






On an ending note, we should consider a CS:GO get together sometime!  A buddy bought a key but his laptop couldn't play it so he put it on this thing instead.

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@Cowboy  I literally have flat screen's laying around at work.  I would be more than willing to ship one your way if you send me a few bucks for the ride

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4 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Seriously, Cowboy, you need to ditch the case and the monitor. Get a good quality generic ATX case and nice flat screen monitor.


I agree about the monitor, but the case... I actually kinda like it, it took a couple modifications, but it works, isn't flashy, and has surprisingly decent cooling. If you didn't notice, it even has a slot for an SSD.  Besides, cheapest case I saw that would work was $30, I'd rather put that into a quieter PSU, Better keyboard, or better monitor.  


4 hours ago, Me78569 said:

please tell me that's a CRT  


that's a CRT.

Hey, it gets the job done!  Seriously though, it sucks when trying to read text, all 1024x768 of it.


3 hours ago, Me78569 said:

@Cowboy  I literally have flat screen's laying around at work.  I would be more than willing to ship one your way if you send me a few bucks for the ride


Man, that's up to you, but I'd be truly grateful, and the craigslister/picture taker/emailer would be even more so.

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i'm all over a game of CS:GO, it's been years sense i've played though, was once a rather dominant on out there though.

you lemme know when the game is on, heck i'll host a server if need be.


to any that may want some pc parts, i have one sitting here that needs a ride somewhere else.  as i hate to throw it away.


can't remember all the specs,,,

cor2duo@3.6 i think,

nvidia 460v2

gigabyte board with dual Ethernet ports,  a few GB ram,  i know it'll run Linux, osX snow leopard, and windows 7.


the case is junk, (front falls off) but it's a great little server or firewall PC. even a decent gamer,

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I think the CSGO thing could be fun, especially with the voice chat, I hope I have some form of microphone that's worth anything.  Lol yeah, you can host the server, and I'll be the one masquerading around with 250 ping.  Maybe we can plan for that this Sunday?  I'm not sure what time would work for y'all, heck I'm not even sure how to all join the same server.  


I should probably make a dedicated thread for it to hopefully get the whole gang in there, that would be a blast.  Besides, I'm sure you've all wanted to shoot me at one point or another anyway, so here's your chance! haha



Edited by Cowboy

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So now for the "new" rig.  It's basically all the old stuff but with a new PSU and CPU/Mobo.  For a PSU I went with a Seasonic S12II 620W.  Had great reviews, and boy is this thing silent!  I love how quiet it is, since I leave the PC on often, especially overnight when I'm uploading something. Having the PSU blaring was kinda irritating.  Load line regulation is also way better on this one, the old Thermaltake one would get pulled down to 11.3V while stress testing both the CPU and GPU, this one keeps it above 11.8V.


For the CPU, this one was completely predictable.  I needed a low cost powerhouse without the need of any bling.  So I went with the FX8320.  I was able to get it and a ASUS sabertooth Mobo used for a decent price, cheaper than my old cpu/mobo cost actually.  These things are a bit of a power hog, but it actually stays surprisingly cool with the evo 212.  Now, you don't get a FX processor to leave it stock.  So I cranked it up from the stock 3.5/4.0-turbo to a very mild 4.2Ghz, while also dropping the voltage down from the stock 1.325V/1.4V-turbo to 1.272V.  The evo 212 cooler actually does a decent job with these settings, with the fans on at 40% the chip stays at or below 41°C while stress testing with prime95 on balanced.  Which means this thing stays pretty stinking silent regardless what I'm doing, until I crank up the graphics anyway, the GTX 660 fan at 5200RPM makes a bit of a racket. lol


Pictures.  Now I knew my Evo 212 cooler was a little out of its element, SO!  I made a form of finger cutter.  I'll paint it and make a grill for it someday.



That blows cool air straight at the CPU cooler, works pretty good.



I am also really liking the case you guys picked out for me.  Cable management is surprisingly easy, not that I've gone to crazy doing it.



Now I did have to at least try and see what his thing was capable of, so I messed around with overclocking a little, and tweaked it to 4.765Ghz before core temps got to close to 60°C for my liking.  After the benchmarking, I turned it back to my 4.2Ghz setting.


Here's the passmark benchmark.  I really wanted to hit 11,000.

4.763 @ 211.7FSB 11X NB 12X HT.png


Obviously benchmarks only mean so much, but what was exciting for me was I was able to play 3 tracks of 1080p video in hitfilm and they all played smoothly!


I wanted to post these updates because, well one reason is because I'm kinda excited about the whole thing, but another was to post an update on the build you guys A) talked me into, and B) helped me build.  So thank you all very much!  I hope this setup will last me a while, but when the time comes for an upgrade, I'll be sure to let y'all know how it goes!

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