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Breathing compressor air

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Is anyone familiar with the health side effects of breathing in compressor air for positive air respiration? I'm interested in chronic history of doing so from breathing it in. This is claimed to be grade D air, but i have been told now that it's the same regular air used to supply equipment. The air comes from the same compressor. 


Lately I've been having some respiratory trouble, more when i exert myself than not. I did terrible on a stress test and barely passed a physical i did for a prereq for a job. 


Going in for a chest xray to start focusing on the lungs as at least my heart checked out fine, thank God. 

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One would need to know what type of compressor and filter system it has on both the intake and output side of things.

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Yea i have no idea. The system is in a restricted area...


Ive wondered about how to go about confirming this. The idea of having a surprise osha visit was a consideration but i don't want it to come back on me..

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You have every right to know what you are breathing and if a primary compressor used for shop air and for respirators needs to be filtered before it is sent out for respirator use. They should have to have some sort of inspection and testing of the air quality posted for the employees to see.

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W&F is 100% right on that. If you have to breathe it you have the right to know what it is. I believe it would be  serious OSHA violation to your employer if they want provide that.

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