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Computer crash?

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 So I've got a Dell xps420 that i bought about 10 years ago. Was playing a game one night and thought it too be a bit choppy. So i restarted the computer. Upon rebooting, it failed. I've been tinkering with it trying to revive it but no luck.


Currently as it sits, ill power it on, goes through POST then comes to a black screen, says some stuff, delays then shows a message stating that no boot device available. 


Im in denial that the HD crashed. If i put my hand on it, i still feel it powering on and running. I'm wondering if it is having a communication issue?


Could my motherboard be toasted? I tried reseating the RAM and CMOS battery. I've reset the BIOS to default, played with every combo in it, no luck.


Im not sure what else to try before trying to boot with a CD if its possible. 


Could the CMOS battery cause this issue if its dead?

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Have to remember like any other mechanical part, it can fail at any time. I'm honestly surprised that it lasted 10 years. Over time sectors of the partition start to get corrupted until the data is no longer read/writeable. Try installing Ubuntu onto a bootable flash drive using Rufus and see if it'll detect your USB boot device. 

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I got a little farther and managed to record video of what was happening. A BSOD would flash up for a split second then the pc would reboot. 


Here is the snapshot..


This is where i was able to get to. If anyone has ideas and wants me to try anything let me know. I'll leave the computer at this point until i get any suggestions..


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Ahh, the good ol' Dayz of Microsoft. More than likely the software is corrupt. You'll need to format the hard drive and reinstall again. Hard drive is functional being you can boot to some recovery tools. RAM and CMOS are fine being you can even boot that far. Strictly software related. Being you can't boot completely you can't fix it. So the only other way it to format and start over. 


Back in my days of Microsoft I use to run dual drives for the reason of backup. I would run Norton's Ghost and then if any problems like this occurred I could restore my backup in under 30 minutes and be back and running again. Rebuilding a PC with Windows is a very long battle, installing Windows, all the drivers, all the software, restoring software backups, etc. 


Since I've moved to Ubuntu Linux years ago now. I've not really had any failures that prevent me from using the PC. There is no viruses, no malware, no drivers to install, no blue screen of death, no system wide crashing, no defragmenting drives, etc. 

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No boot device and ten years old is almost always hd.  


You can try the startup repair on that screen you posted, that will try and reconfigure the boot sectors but I am guessing it won't work.


You can also run command prompt and do a fixboot /r


Get a SSD drive, they are so check now and will make a ten year old computer fast again.

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you will also need to open it up and blow all the dust out of it. after or before fallowing the advise given here.

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