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   While getting my 5er ready for the up coming trip to  Catfish Junction I found the AC shroud cracked just about beyond repair and in need of replacement.  It has already been partially fiberglassed once and to repair it would coast me as much in matting and resin as it would to replace it.  The AC is a Dometic Duo-Therm Brisk Air ,new  style, 13500btu.

   I have found three suppliers of this shroud: 1 Camping World, 2 Icon Direct (thru  Amazon), and 3 Dometic ( thru Amazon).  My question is: 1 has anyone replaced the shroud on their AC unit, 2 who did you buy it from, and 3 what was the quality of the replacement shroud?  


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Once you get the new one have the inside and outside sprayed with Line X bed liner it will last till doomsday. They mostly run black color but you could paint it or wait till they are running white. They do from time to time.

Another thing is there is a company up by me that can make you an all aluminum housing. They have a louver punch and can do aluminum welding to seal it up. It would run you about 400 bucks at BBC Steel.

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