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2 part question. 


I bought a 1999 Dodge 2500 4x4 with an automatic tranny last year. Got it cheap from a dealer since it needed work. In the process of getting it back on road I discovered someone put a lot of money in the truck. 


I'm trying to figure out roughly what the HP and Torque is at now. Also what the next mods should be.


Truck came with Banks Ottomind, high ram, gauges, tranny rebuilt 7 miles before i bought it probably with the cheapest parts possible, rebuilt stock turbo.


I added Fast titanium, pressure gauge, BHAF and RV275 injectors not realizing that it had the Ottomind in it. I might be looking at an upgraded tranny in the near future. Not sure if this one can support the upgrades.


I'm trying to figure out the HP and torque roughly so I can start to research what tranny parts I want when this one goes out. 


Also I an interested to see what folks think the next upgrades should be.





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I am surprised that with the Ottomind you dont have an EGT and a boost gauge. My Banks came with those gauges and not a FP gauge. I ran pretty much the same set up you have for 7 years or so and was quite happy with it. Drove good and towed good. i do have a Edge Comp now just because the Banks crapped out. Mine is a manual tranny and not an auto. As far as upgrades, it all depends on what you are after.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I do have the full gauge pack on the A post. EGT, boost, and trans temp. Fuel pressure gauge is separate. Also mechanically 100% on brakes, suspension and steering. 

I mainly use the truck for towing less then 5k lbs, lots of time to and from hunting camps, and mainly a daily driver. But sense my house is done remodeled I need a new project so I'm thinking this truck might be it....if there is enough stuff to add to the list!

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