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My 01 4X4 has 99 tie rods?

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I just did the tie rods on my 01 2500 4X4. I bought the parts ahead of time, and when iI pulled the old tie rods out of the truck and put them side by side I found they did not match. After some extensive research the parts guy and I determined that the ones on my truck matched up to a '99. nI got all the '99 model tie rods and got back after it. When I got to the tie rod that meets the pitman arm I found that the shaft on it was to small. I took it back and it was for an '01. Finaly it is all back together and now I'm wondering why someone would have changed this. I have looked at both setups and it seems to me the older tie rod setup looks a little heavier/stronger, so I am wondering is this a common upgrade some people are doing.

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