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How big of site and number of newbe viewers opinion

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(not exactly sure where to ask/post this, and just throwing it out there.)

Are the owners of this site pro or con about trying to widen viewer base?  After reading the below link,  I thought about posting info about this site, but thought I 'd ask here owners first.  Two thoughts...

1.  In my opinion...some very highly skilled knowable folks here.  (They might not want to be mired down with lots of "beginners" like me). 

2.  Not sure if owners would really enjoy this site even being 1/2 the size of CF



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I'm all good with it. Please do share the links I've got no problems with people sharing links of Mopar1973Man.Com. Like @Me78569 we don't like the dog pile attitude. This has been a friends and family type site for many years. There is a lot of tech savvy guys on the site too. 

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I agree with you guys.


There was only one little excerpt in a sentence that a poster was attempting to flame another, only had to edit just a few words and we never heard from that poster again which wasn't my intent just softened up an aggressive verbal punch is all.

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