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This weekend I'm pulling out my god forsaken NV4500 and putting in a 5600. I have not for the life of me been able to confirm or deny if I'll also need to swap PCMs. My thinking is no but that answer is pulled completely from my arse. Both trucks and all parts are 2001s. I'm over here with random forum print outs and the full stack of FSMs like a mad man with no answer lol.

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Hi guys new here ,lots of great info.Thx for that. Mopar man you mention the need for the PCM change with a 47re swap. I just did this myself to NV5600 in an 01 Quad cab Lb dually 4x4. I have been searching the forums for some kind of answer on this. The majority says no need on ECM but haven't read much on the PCM. Could this be a possible cause of my throttle seeming dead? I am not having a fuel issue that I am aware of when this is happening. I am running between 10 and 14 psi when I have had it happen while the gauge is hooked up. I have also recently changed my VP44 and installed a Fass DDRP just prior to the trans swap.At first everything seemed great. I grounded the one wire in the center of the reverse wires from the auto wiring harness and ran the other two to the backup switch. The only codes I have been able to get have been thru the key process which are P0713, P0753 and P1763 all Trans codes. I would say the first 400 miles were trouble free, only had the dead pedal deal once. I am probably 600 miles on the swap and the dead pedal deal is now getting more often. I believe Nighthawk did a NV4500 saying something about some plugs to "fool" the computer. Any thoughts would be great. Thx. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this .

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