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Keeping Email Synchronized

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I know lot of people have a personal computer and at least one mobile device. Here is a nifty trick that will keep your email synchronized between all your devices. The whole thing is based on not using POP3 server and instead using IMAP server. POP3 server will download all the email to one device and typically wipe the email server clean. So the other devices are typically behind. Well if you set up a IMAP account instead all your folders, sent, draft, spam etc are syncronized between all devices. IMAP leaves the mail on the server and each device will syncronize with the email server to match it data. So no matter if you sent a email frmo your cellphone your PC at home will see the same sent email as well. 


Again I do not suggest this with free email providers like hotmail or gmail. I would use a internet provider email like mine would be frontier.com. Being I've got a web server then I'm doing it for the mopar1973man.com account. The reason I don't suggest the free email accounts is its been proven to easy to hack and being all your email would be visible it would give any hacker a shot at reviewing all your activities.  

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