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Motor restore

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I was judging quantity by engine displacement not quantity of oil or cylinder count. This is advertised to aid in cylinder bore wear.


Technically if compression increases, i should have some sort of change in the seat of the pants. I'm looking to see if a change will occur on initial startup. 


While many report to use this for a temporary fix to get them by until they can spend the money on a real fix, many also do it because the can says you can. They recommend having it added at every oil change. I technically have another 2500 miles to go before im due for a change. 


I also dug a little further into what the makeup of this formula is. It's comprised of Copper, Silver and Lead. With that knowledge it makes sense in how this can do what it advertises. Its not a viscosity modifier to your oil.

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engine restore.pdflooking at the msds ( material safety data sheets) engine restore is a Naphthenic based product, a a search on Naphthenic oils and you will find its primary use is by machinist as a tooling lubricant and has better lubricating properties compared to conventional paraffinic based oils for lubing and cooling of metals.

I could see the benefits of restore in an engine under perfect circumstances, but as a long term solution I would not,

Personally I would look into synthetic oil if I were concerned with cold weather start ups, but I am not so good old dino oil with quality filters and oil changes work for me.


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Fwiw, these past couple days, I've noticed a consistent drop of an average of 200f degrees on my egts.


When i put these new tires on, it dropped my mileage and my typical egt temp was at 800f cruising at 65mph. Now, I've been cruising at about 600 to 650 at 65mph.

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