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Vulcan - Highly Recommended

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BLUF: Don't overthink going to Vulcan for your parts, excellent service/advice, and great customer service.  Just do it!!!


After countless hours of research looking for parts and asking for help through various on-line/local Vendors, Vulcan is my go-to Vendor.

VULCAN stocks a wide-variety of fittings, adaptors, and fuel related parts that I have not found elsewhere.   

While in the throes of modifying my fuel module, and fuel system, I repeatedly Emailed Eric and asked him countless questions. 

Each and EVERY time, he responded with courtesy and patience. And I often received and answer outside of business hours. 

It is a business I want to personally visit when I'm in the PNW.


I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!!



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I know Eric personally and count him as a good friend.  Actually worked a bit for him a few years ago and was around the biz every week for awhile.  He has now moved further away so don't drop by too much.  One thing I noticed is how good he is with customers because no matter what they ask, how much they ask or how frustrating some of it can be he KNOWS how his business works and it depends on good customer relations to survive, do well and have a good reputation.  He works pretty darn hard at it and produces/carries good products that work and he or the original manufacturer stands behind it.  Highly recommend him also.

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Never been disappointed...very helpful and ends the search looking for fittings.  Very well stocked for all my needs when redoing entire fuel system.

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