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Quadzilla Adrenaline Timing (Crude method)


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I think I've found a crude way of setting up timing. 


What you'll need is to find a flat piece of highway you might check with a GPS to ensure its flat as possible for at least a one or two miles. What you going to do mark off your stretch of highway for the test area now you want to be at cruise speed with cruise control locked at the exact same speed each time. Might be handy if you can do all your tuning without shutting down engine this way your set cruise control should be the same. Now if you travel the same direction and speed over your test patch of highway you now can change your timing. What I've found is if you go to far advance you will notice the engine load value will rise. The same will be true for going too far retarded. If you are in doubt I would run 0.5 degree more retarded that advanced. 


There is only one thing the ECM and Quadzilla Adrenaline cannot see and adjust for is CETANE. So keep in mind your cetane of your fuel like up here its winterized #2 which is around 50 cetane currently. This also means you can retard the timing a bit too for this as well. Everything else you can monitor fuel temperature, IAT and ECT temperature. But cetane is the only value that is not factored in. 


Another way to detect timing is to set your cruise timing load as close to flat ground engine load. This should be tight and close to flip-flopping back and forth. Now if you overdo the timing say over advance the timing you find that the Quadzilla will most likely stay in the performance timing map more. If you find better timing you'll notice that you gain margin of room on the cruise timing as the engine load goes down for the same speed. 


These change might be very small if so you might be right where you need. If you off timing by quite a bit you notice a fair amount of engine load decrease as you keep getting closer to the correct timing values. As we are all learning there is no exact correct value being there too many variables with injection pumps, injectors, etc that will play a role in what works for on truck and not another. 


I've got another way I could do this too is using that same flat patch of highway do a 0 to 60 MPH run. My OBDLink LX and Palmer Performance App will do track times for 0 to 60 MPH. Clock starts as soon as movement is detected and stops when 60 MPH is reached. Then you could compare times for the performance timing table as well.

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