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Website clean up

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Being I'm closely watching the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster I've had to make some changes to the site to be more fitting to the members. The shocker is that we are mobile to desktop users is 2 to 1. Yeap for every 2 mobile users there is 1 desktop user.




Being the mobile side is the strong bunch I started surfing more on my phone to get a feel for things. Navigation was a spot that was lacking. So I changed up the navigation layout for the site. The main places people go is Forum, Articles, Garage and the Store. So those are on top. Store is a catch-all for all money type transactions so this includes the classified ads as well. This should help on the mobile side for all you on cell phones. Member map is a catch-all for Social type actions. Sharing locations with other members, see who's the leaderboard runners, and possibly set up schedules on the calendar for get together's.


Then the old Diesel Fuel forum is no longer. There hasn't been any posting there in over two years so I merged all the post back into the normal forums. 


Hunted down all the Quadzilla threads and moved them over to the Quadzilla Power forum. This should keep all the information in one spot. 


General Diesel became a dumping ground for lost topics. I merged all those threads back into there proper forums as well and removed that forum. 


Diesel Research was another forum that had no activity for over two years. Again merged the topics back into the main forums and removed it. 


911 Support forum got some needed clean up as well. I merged the older threads back into the normal forum and left the last years worth of threads there.


Member's Rides forum and Garage Forum were merged together. Member rides haven't seen any activity for a long time. 


Then I did some forum description clean up as well. Added keywords to improve the SEO of the other forums. 


Garage, I know there is a strange bug that place paragraph tags on everyone's truck profile. I've got a support ticket in for seeing if there is a way to remove all those. I'm hoping to get more people involved with the garage and sharing of the vehicles and their mods. Reason for this is being that I can allow signatures on the screen I've also gotta keep the list short. Mobile users take a good hit for scrolling up and down the page. Also I know the tag for the garage for the post bit is missing and there is a bug report for this currently. 

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Members Garage is repaired and the paragraph tags removed from all the titles. 


Contact Us has been modified to a Page of contact information to reach me. All forms of contact have been included. Phone numbers (Mobile friendly links), mailing address (includes Google directions too!), email to the support system so all the staff can help you quickly. 

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