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Recently bought a stock 2006 3500. It’s been foggy here lately and I noticed the headlights cross about 20 feet or so in front of the truck. I have read there is no horizontal adjustment on this truck...any suggestions to get the lights straightened out?

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It is true - there is no horizontal adjustment.  My guess is that there has been some minor body damage on the left front side or right front side of your vehicle and that damage has misaligned one of your headlights. 


With your low beams on at night, can you tell which headlight is aimed correctly and which one is out of whack?  It is likely that only one headlight is the problem.   When you make this check, do it when it is not foggy.  Thick fog can distort what you see.  


First make sure that you have the correct bulbs and that they are installed properly. Then inspect  the area around each headlight to see  if any of the headlight fixture's fasteners are loose, out of place, bent, broken, or missing. 


Worst case scenario is that you may have to take some things apart and reshape some body parts to correct the alignment.


- John

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Use a straight road and cover each light with a blanket or your jacket and recheck you'll see which light is tweaked. Once you figure that out you might have to shim or something to gain the right angle again. 

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