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Mopar1973Man's Daily Tune

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This tune I'm managed to reach 21.06 MPG. This is NOT a RACE or PERFORMANCE tune. This is Daily Driver Economy Tune. Timing tables are designed around winter cold conditions of Idaho and you'll notice they are on the retarded side. This is to compensate for the high cetane fuel which typically the ECM ramps up timing more with IAT below 80*F. There is no wire tap tune here this tune is designed strictly for LEVEL 3 usage. Fuel table is designed around my +75HP (7x0.0085 DAP injectors) where it starts at 90% and ramps to 120% no more. As for the cruise timing limit you need to leave this at 25% raising the cruise to attempt hold above 65 MPH will create a loss or negative torque to occur. Typically at 65 MPH I float 22-24% engine load on flat ground. Even at 80 MPH it will flip-flop back and forth between cruise timing and performance which is normal. This tune also assumes that no oversized tires modifications that might impact final gearing which will impact the engine load number making the tune worthless. 


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38 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Truck down at this time... No steering box to do any tune work. Sorry... @Youngblood24v

Ah that sucks, I’ll have to do mine pretty soon here also. Just put some 7x.010’s in and I’m trying to get a good economy tune down but can’t find any in the forum for medium injectors and big turbo. Made one up last week and am gunna fill up tomorrow and see the numbers 🤞

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