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3rd Gen transmission cooler thermostat delete kits


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Hey everybody. It's been a while since I've posted on my page here, but after a serious "keyboard lashing" by Mike (not really), I have agreed to do my best to keep my page updated and to be available to answer questions. It's not always easy, with life (both work and personal) being so busy, but I'll do my best!


A couple of updates:

I finally made up a few more sets of 3rd Gen transmission cooler thermostat delete kits. I have seen an absolute rash of sticking thermostats in these things, causing high operating temperatures due to hot fluid being allowed to bypass the core of the cooler. I'll try to get the kits on the website (which is MORE functional and complete, but still not 100%...) as soon as possible.


I now have a little over 2 years of testing in the field of my laser-cut valve body separator plates, and the results and feedback have been 100% positive. They work great, and address the weaknesses of using modified factory plates to try to build a well calibrated valve body that runs any significant amount of line pressure. Most often it simply isn't possible with OEM plates; you will HAVE TO compromise somewhere. Not so with my plates... All valve bodies and full builds from here on out will be shipped with a set of these plates in them.


Here is a picture of the delete kit. Very simple, easy to install, and extremely effective...

Thermostat Delete.jpg

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Yessir! Tons and tons of them! And they are improved compared to the ones pictured. They now have dual o-rings on the plug.


The best way to get one is to jump on our website and order it there.


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